Jobber vs Service Auto Pilot


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Hey Bunton, just letting you know my experience with them. That would be frustrating. Since I don't use the client portal yet, I obviously can't speak to that. However, I have used the estimates quite a bit and clients have been able to "sign off" for that using the online link.


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I've had SA for a few years not but have not really used it to its full potential. I have a few employees but have been doing the hours on paper still. Also I have not been able to take credit card payments through them. I was thinking about switching to Jobber or Yardbook.
My main concerns are being able to collect payments through the software making it easy for customers. And my next is keeping track of the employees and the hours.
With SA i pay 49 a month. If I add client portal its another 20. And for employees I believe its 15 per user. If I have 3 employees thats another 45. Total would be 115 a month and I plan on getting more. Quick books would be 15 or 20 more.
I believe jobber would do all this for 99 a month and I could add additional employees without it going up. The postcard and email features are also nice.
Has anybody used both and had these types of features to weight out?

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When you choose a software, it’s important to choose for the future. What could you do with it in later years, if you got bigger. Would it help you get bigger or is it just a tool to handle your present situation. It costs MAJOR dollars to switch softwares after you reach a certain point and have office staff involved. Some sacrifices finically now save you a lot down the road. We use SA, I think we pay $500 per month, it’s worth every penny. Personally however, I would rather pay $1000 per month and have a dedicated account rep with them, but I don’t think it’s a path they will go down.


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Thank you for your input guys.

I am currently using Quickbooks so this would be an add-on feature.

I am aware of Jobber syncing with Quickbooks, has anyone had experience with this?
Yes, research this part very very carefully before syncing from jobber to QB. If it is done wrong it will make it 10x as hard. It has taken us over a year to work out all of the kinks. Day one with jobber sync from QB to jobber, this will then create all of the exact same clients in jobber to start creating jobs and scheduling visits.

While set up can be frustrating (i.e.creating duplicate clients), once it is working, it is beautiful! We send about 60-100 invoices/ day and can accomplish this with one person syncing them into QBO and then taking about 60seconds each to look over them and then send from QB.

The jobber dashboard is robust enough for you to run your company off of, i.e. payables, receivables, quotes out, etc.

In conclusion, sync from QB to jobber first and it should work pretty well. It is very efficient to run a business with.


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Service Autopilot has been garbage after the buyout. I would look at anything else.

Focusing on their revenue and completely botching any rollouts/improvements.