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    I use Jobber but I don't use quickbooks. I send all my invoices through Jobber. Since I don't use quickbooks, I can't really answer your question. If you add the Timesheet add-on, you will also be able to track expenses per job as well as each employee.
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    I tried Jobber earlier this year and never could get it to work. We loaded all of our data and tried to use it for a full month. It never worked at all and stayed frozen or didn't save input at all. I hope my experience was an anomaly but I can say I thought it was a prank and a hidden camera guy would pop out. It just flat out didn't work at all. Kind of like buying a Porsche and finding out it is made of paper mache with no motor, etc. Strange. I am looking at Service Auto Pilot and Q Express but I need it all to be hosted online and not a desktop.

    I hope that helps.
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    Did you contact their support team through email or phone? When I come across a problem and tell them about it, they usually have it fixed within an hour.
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    I am having the same problem trying to decide between Jobber and Service Auto Pilot. I mas very impressed with the SAP demo but I feel like it my be overkill for a small operation like mine. One the other hand I may still get it and not have to worry about upgrading as my business grows. My motto for my biz is to stay one step ahead of the growth curve. Jobber on the other hand is nice and cheaper the SAP but may not be good for where my business is heading.
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    Seems from the looks of it SAP would be a better fit for a growing company, I know I need to automate things very soon but that's just one more bill every month does it ever stop LOL
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    Hello everyone - just wanted to drop in with a few comments.

    There are certainly pro's and con's to any of the business software systems available for field service companies, and I thought I would just quickly address a couple of the questions and comments brought up in this thread about Jobber with respect to Service Auto Pilot.

    Service Auto Pilot has been around a long time and (as far as I know) is born out of an actual landscaping company, which is great, because the software was made specifically to run their company. Of course, not every landscaping company is run the same way. SAP does a *lot* of stuff — it has a lot of features, and there's lots to learn to get up and running. If you think you need all of this stuff to be successful then SAP might be for you and would be a fine choice.

    Jobber is a little bit different however. We're a modern software company first and foremost; professional software developers & engineers that built (and continue to develop and maintain) Jobber from the ground up by consulting with a number of companies with different work flows and requirements in order to design easy to use, robust and flexible software that accommodates your business, rather than the other way around. Our guiding philosophy in getting to this point and in going forward is simplicity — we focus on keeping Jobber easy to learn, and easy to use, without anything extraneous getting in the way.

    To answer one of the questions earlier in the thread, we are indeed a funded company backed by some of the most highly respected active angel investors in the technology space. We're growing steadily and have big plans for continued development of the product.

    Also, is Jobber suitable for a growing and/or large company? Absolutely. While we think the more modern and effective approach to software is to keep things simple and to focus on usability, we also focus heavily on flexibility and robust features — these principles are almost *more* important the larger and more complex the organization. We have happy customers of many shapes and sizes, from sole operators doing less than $50k in revenue, to companies of 25 employees doing in excess of 5 million. We have customers who generously credit Jobber with being the reason they were able to grow their companies as quickly as they have, or at all. We have customers who have come to us from almost every other system, but especially, from the land of pen-and-paper.

    In the end the right software is an important business decision that you can only make with the information available to you; sometimes option A will be the right choice, and other times option B will be. Jobber is modern software with a modern approach, and we're making waves for it. We do what we can to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about us and give us a try, so that you can make the right decision for your business, and we're constantly iterating and improving our product, the way a good software company should.

    If anyone has any questions at all or needs additional information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at, or with me personally at

    I hope this was helpful!

    Sam Pillar / President & Co-Founder of Jobber

    @WellspringLandscapes: Sorry to hear about your experience. I just looked up our recorded support history for your account and discovered that your freezing issue was determined to not be a problem with Jobber, but rather with your computer, and our last correspondence trying to aid with the issue wasn't responded to. I see that you did have some frustrating problems with recurring contract job scheduling however, and we've since made some *major* improvements to this area that people are really happy with. If you would like to give it another try just get in touch - I would be happy to reactivate your trial and show you around!
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    tried just now to DL the jobber demo and says they are having problems is it my comp to is there a bigger problem?
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    Hi vaacutabove,

    There was a small problem with the link that you clicked on to sign up for your account. Going to or just clicking the Pricing & Signup link at the top of our webpage will work, but the issue with the link you clicked will be fixed in the next 10 minutes or so.

    Sorry for the hiccup,
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    Thanks fast on a response to
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