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    First off.. happy saint pattys day!!! and given that i'm irish I exempt my self from mis-spellings and grammar mistakes... DRINK A GUINNESS BEFORE YOU B*TCH!!!

    So my first few jobs I had this morning had too much snow to do...
    Then we had about 10 back flow test...
    Found out a new customer (2 acre lot) that was required to do a back flow test didn't have a back flow . It took about an hour sense it was half a house / half a horse ranch ( Actually we found a gate valve 4 " below the bottom point of a double irrigation box that had 1" drain rock on top ) soo that took some time but bid that out...

    This was mainly around the sammamish area .. After this we are headed off to seattle for some repairs

    My first job was this 75++ year old guy.. He's like " theres a leakkkk somewhere with in the sprinklers."

    So we investigate.. After some time we figure out obviously the system was first installed in in the 60's in renovated somewhere in the 80's...

    So The POC is at the house and the ML wraps around the edge of the house for the zones.. But there is a ML leak near the water meat which is at the end of the property...
    Given that it was a old house my guess ( Which it was correct) The leak was at an old gravity drain for the system.

    It's either 1" 1/4 or 1" 1/2 Galvi with a pin hole leak more then 2' down!!!

    Tommorow we will come back.. use our locator to attempt to find where the galvi is attached near the house with the ( hopeful ) renovated mainline the runs along the house. If we can't find it we will just Cut the pipe here.. Thread and cap.


    Someone cut out this drain sometime ago and did a bunch of wild fittings!!!


    This is more then 2' down for irrigation!


    The old drain we found buried..

    MY second job in seattle today..

    The customer was EXTREMELY stingy are wanted an estimate before we did any work... so we explain given the nature of the work that's extremely hard to do for a service / repair job.

    So they have a leak.. ( Actually a HUGE Main Line leak ) that is undetectable.. We promised them we would do 45 min of work and just give them our knowledge at that point..

    Well after much investation we found the leak about 18" down in EXTREMELY sandy ground underneath a paver walkway. ( I wouldn't have found it if I didn't use a stethoscope) at the 45 min mark.

    who ever did the original install SUCKED!! they used a Doggy bone compression Tee... The 2 compression fittings were barley screwed on ( we tightened both sides at least 4-5 revolutions) And the Tee MIPT was only screwed on 2 threads with glue ( Which was leaking as well)


    The fittings before we did anything... All 3 sides of the tee were spraying out.


    It took the LARGE channel locks with Mucho strenght to get that glue in MIPT out


    Threw in a coupler and a new MIPT

    Now before you ***** trust me I know about the bowing!...
    To the left of this it 90's over into 1" galvi ( the tee 90's up into a 4 zone manifold)
    The customer wasn't home and was Extremely strapped for cash.. After we tightened the compression fitting we saw it bow.. So I called the customer up and was basically like ( of course customer don't understand it much) Hey so we repaired the fitting but it is bowing and we recommend to spend more time to replace the whole entire tee ect.... But they were like we'll it's not leaking right!?!?!? And I'm like correct it isn't so they so well just leave it as that..
    Which I'm fine with that as long as I remember to say that our company isn't liable for any other kind of leaks from our repair...
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    Good job. Fixed the leak. Gave them the option for more. In their hands now. Or yours again next year.

    Damn galvanized......

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