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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by M11792, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. M11792

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    Question to single person operators:
    How many jobs per day can you do by yourself? If it is a perfect day, no rain and you had as many accounts as you could imagine....8,10,12 plus jobs? More? Less? What is your normal start time?

    Still planning my path. Thanks for any help you may offer.
  2. mtdman

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    I am solo, I do mostly residential lawns, and I can get 15 a day done on a good day. On a great day, 20. Average day is 12. Heck, the other day I started at 1pm because I had a morning Dr's appointment, and I ripped off 13 before 8pm. But that's me.

  3. M11792

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    How many total accounts do you service? Are they all mow, edge etc... or any special services? Just trying to figure out my plans. What type of average do you charge for a normal job (cut,edge no monster yard)?
  4. mtdman

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    I have 84 accounts total, about an average of 75 per week. And that's waaaay too many. This is my first year on my own, and I went a bit overboard on signing people up. I would like to have about 65 a week. That's regular mowing, a few edgings and other services thrown in. And it's also after 8 years of business and experience. No way I could do that many in my first few years if I were on my own. If you want more advice, feel free to email me.

  5. temlawn

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    2-3 per hour depending on size and how much of a hurry your in...:blob3:
  6. BSDeality

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    size of the lawn, drive time and obstacles in the lawn all add up to what you can get done in one day of work. some days it could be one large commercial complex or 40 postage stamp sized lawns.
  7. A1 Grass

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    Wow! I am impressed with some of the numbers here! I just started "soloing" this year after tagging along with a friend for a couple of years.

    I was/am very limited on my starting budget and I am currently using door hangers with the most success, but even they are a dissapointing .2% return. That's okay, because I am learning about this business right now.

    I like to start at about 8:30-9:00 am. I have been hammering all closeby areas with the flyers so most of my customers are within 1 mile of where I live (cool, right?). I think I could knock out 8-10 (35's) by 4 or so (which is when I like to quit!). Takes me about 45 minutes total to do one.

    Unfortunately I only have about 10 customers right now (plus overflow from my friend's business 70 miles away).

    Big salute to you guys doing 20 or more! You must really HAUL AZZ!
  8. Smitty58

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    Mtd - if you are doing 75 per week with an avg. of $30 x 34 cuts that is $76500 per year. Thats a lot of money to cut grass. I'm of course guessing on the per cut price and how many cuts ,but based on what I've read thats probably pretty close. Do you do that well? I'm only doing this part time and in my first year ,but if thats the kind of money that can be wonder you see so many little trailers with mowers strapped to them.
  9. GLAN

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    Hard to ask a question. "How many in a day"

    Lots of variables.

    size of property, size of lawn area
    do you do edging, line trimming, and bed work at all?
    do you blow?

    Do all the customers get all the above?

    Also, are lawns treated with fertilizers?

    Bagging, mulching?

    Type of grass, terain?
  10. ElephantNest

    ElephantNest LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Let's see. Just got new mower, and first day with it did 14 yards in 5 hours. Was the end of the week, so it was all that I had left. Actually, that was Fri. and Sat.'s load, but was done by 2:00 Friday, and that's with an hour for lunch, started at 8:00. One yard I didn't do the back (small but dogs were left out), and one yard was my own. So I guess in a full day I could do 25 or so alone, but wouldn't want to do that for long at all, I'm getting old.

    ^^ My new employee ^^

    And yes, all get mulched, weedeated, edged, blown. Nothing more, nothing less on mow days. Other services are arranged seperately. Some people edge every other visit, I edge each visit.

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