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    this year hasnt been to good for me and really need to get some jobs. i have an add in the advance for month. then was thinking of trying service magic see what can get for jobs from them. have few flyers going to put out tomorrow what are some other things could do. is there any places i can call this time year for work like realitors and stuff. really need some help.
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    Ive seen people on here that was not happy with service magic for numerous reasons?
    the best advise i can give is beat the bushes for resi work and try to get in with a few property managements companys, its tough out their rite now and sometime the best way to get more work is with hard work. I have a web site and all my trucks and trailers are have digital print on them and i dont advertise with no one but i still manage to pick up work without paying for somebodys promises to find you work! I wish you the best of luck this season

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