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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by bwlpm, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. bwlpm

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    I am pretty much a one to two man operation and find it difficult and sometimes not very cost effective to take an enclosed trailer to the job to store tools in. Just wondering what everyone else uses to keep tools ( compacting equipment, laser level, cut off saw, etc. ) dry and secure on the job. I have a compact tlb and/or a mini excavator that I load on the trailer and would be looking for ideas of something to load on the dump truck and lift off on site they day i move in on a job. Thanks in advance. :usflag:
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    Jobox mounted on trailer?
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  3. bwlpm

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    yeah i have one that is around 2'x2'x6' long but it just isn't big enough to get the plate compactor and jumping jack in plus all the other things. i'm thinking something more like 4'x4'x6' tall would work but can't find anything on the market and don't want to get it fabricated til i do some research with others in the field.
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    might be a little to much for ya, but one of our trucks is a hooklift so i had a hook put on a 20' shipping container. great storage and very easy to move with the truck...

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