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    I'm fixing a springler system that has been neglected from a foreclosed house. The system has both Torro and Rainbird Plastic Spring-Loaded Pop-Ups. After digging them up, taking them apart, cleaning them and raising them. It seams that the Rainbirds work fine, but most of the Torros don't want to spring back down. Since I need to replace the Torros I was wondering if the Rainbirds are a better product. The only difference I see is that the Torro uses a rubber seal were the Rainbird does not. Thanks.
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    OK first thing is, it is sprinKler, not sprinGler. And it is toro, not Torro. And don't respect it by capitalizing it either. The toro spray heads are crap, they are notorious for sticking as you suggested. Go with the Rainbird. RBs have a stronger spring, and the stems don't seem to scar as easy which causes them to stick.
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    Thanks for quick reply.
    P.S. Don't chop my head off for only two misspelled words. I spell a whole lot better than the majority of e-mails I receive.
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    To the original poster...
    Yes go with Rain Bird... Get rid of all your toro!
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    hey someone agrees with me!!
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    I third the motion.

    Rain Bird vs. Toro for head quality is like BMW vs. Tata

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