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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by greenred, May 28, 2008.

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    I have a 2## series John Deer lawn tractor for use on my own lawn. A feature on it that I find most asinine and annoying is the Reversing Safety Switch on the PTO.

    In order to reverse with the deck running I have to pull the PTO switch up and hold it. I assume pretty safely it is there due to some ridiculous law suit. Problem is I can not turn in the seat to see behind me while reversing because I have to keep one hand on the wheel and one pulling on the PTO switch keeping my upper body facing forward. I find this more dangerous and stupid then not having the switch at all. My ZTR travels at almost twice the speed as the little John Deer and I have full freedom of movement while mowing, but lets not give the unscrupulous lawyers any ideas.

    I have looked at the PTO switch from behind and it has about 8-10 wires coming out of it. I assume a permanent fix would be to solder two certain wires together to keep the circuit completed at all times. Problem is I do not know which two wires or more need to be connected.

    If anyone out there has any knowledge on how to solve my problem I would appreciate you sharing the info. My last resort is just a cloths line pin, but I would rather fix the problem instead of jerry rigging something.

    I apologize if asking this kind of question is against forum rules.
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    Just a thought. Mabe you should look further than the wires :)
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    I've got the same type of mower (john deere). Unless mine is a bit different than yours, all I do is hold that button up and hit reverse, and only for the first second do you have to hold the button, then you can release and still go in reverse freely. Just as you first go in reverse do you have to hold the button up. Of course mine may be different.. but you can give it a try..

    p.s. I talked to a john deere dealer and this annoying configuration is a safety feature
  4. greenred

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    Yep you are correct. I misstated the sequence :hammerhead:

    The way I been getting around it now is just taking a cloths line pin, putting it on the pto switch to hold it up in the most extended position. It wouldnt be a real pain in the butt if I was cutting in huge circles like normal home owners, but after having ran my own lawn company for so long I just cant cut that way anymore and have to back and forth. I can even put stripes in with it.

    One member suggested that I disconnect the switch at the reverse pedal and I think that is what kings lawn is hinting at.
  5. kings lawn

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    Messages: 7 know how lawyers are thats why the dealer cant tell you either :) wish i would have spilt hot coffe on myself and thoght "ill sue" instead of "you idot"
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    One wire nut and a pair of wire strippers/cutters fixed that problem on my new x360.

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