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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by caseymax, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. caseymax

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    Hay I got a John deer lawn tractor STX38 5 speed. One forward gear left the rest are gone. Is it worth getting a another transmission (or transaxel) which ever it is? Can I get a used one or repair this one? The mower is in good shape except it only goes one speed. :confused:

    Thanks MAX......
    Monrovia In
  2. Jay Ray

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    Somebody is probably operating a lawn mower boneyard in your area, and some dealers will sell used parts. Also check out eBay as a lot of used parts are offered there -- search eBay stores as well as individual sellers.

    Only you know how much money and labor you want to put into it.
  3. Restrorob

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    Sounds like the shift keys broke being a Peerless transaxle, Possibly less than $20 for new key's if you perform the labor yourself....
  4. jkason

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    Yeah, shift keys usually break when a customer shifts before coming to a stop. Then they get stuck in only one gear, leaving just one speed to mow in.

    You can do this yourself - Clear a large bench area, clean EVERYTHING as it comes out of the cases, and lay itall out "in line" so you don't mess it up putting it back together. There are a lot of parts, so take your time. And don't lose the detent spring and ball in one half of the case (causes those "bumps" when you shift, and holds the lever in place).

    Scoop all the old grease out of the cases ad clean them, too. Get new grease from a dealer. DO NOT USE LITHIUM OR WHEEL BEARING GREASE. It will not stand up to the heat and pressure.

    In my area, that tractor was only about $2000.00 when brand new. Putting a new transmission in that thing wouldn't be worth it for me.

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