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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Feb 15, 2001.

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    Hello guy's I am new to the site, it is great.. Well i was wondering what you guy's think of this deal? A local john deer dealer wants to sell me a 48 inch Walk behind with a 17 horse kawasaki on it it is belt drive less than 150 hours..They said for a warranty would be 90 days cash back if anything major goes wrong with it... They will also give me a demo when the unit is in getting serviced.. All for 1800.00 Let me know Thanks Cory
  2. Nathan

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    It seems like an ok deal if you really like JD. You can probably find a similar deal if you look into some other brands especially if you are going used through private sellers. At 150hrs. the warranty probably isn't worth too much since most mowers will go 2000 hrs. with no major probs.

    HYDROMAN LawnSite Member
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    Not to bad of a deal,look at a lesco, same motor 17hp kaw twin-v, the have some good sales going on and you get a 2 year warranty ad they also give loaners. you will find that replacement parts for that JD will be your real cost.Good luck
  4. GREG R

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    Sounds good to me.
    We have used these mowers before (had two)
    w/17hp but not belt driv'in.
    One lasted to 1800 hrs and the other 1500hrs before they
    started to nickle and dime us to death.
    John Deere is well know for there service dept and
    that is the reason I've stuck with them.
    price sounds right, my Deere dealer likes to deal,
    so offer a lower price and see if they grab or
    counter offer before you agree on thier price.

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