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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfcare, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. turfcare

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    I am starting to see a few LCO's with John Deere 757's in this area. One LCO replaced one of his Exmark's with it. I looked at them two years ago, but they did not seem right for me. Any opinions on these machines?
  2. CRM Lawncare

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    I am considering purchasing one my self to complement my walk behind. The machines seems to be well built and is easy to control. I demo'd one on wet grass and it cut and discharged it very good. I've heard nothing but good things about the 7 iron deck. Many LCOs in my area use them and you can't find one used so that tells me something. I was quoted $5,900.00 for a 48" 19hp Mini Z-Trak.

  3. Pecker

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    I run a 757 and it has been wonderful. Built like a tank and leaves a very precision cut. Great investment.
  4. charlies

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    we started out 10+ years ago using only commercial deeres. alot of them. then, a few years ago, we switched over to exmarks. we think they cut better and run better and cheaper than the deeres. however, at an expo this winter, i test drove a 757. seems like deere has brought themselves a little more into the mainstream. it was a nice machine. (but i'll still never buy another deere)
  5. John Deere always seems to win when this style of mower is bought on a bid. I see lots of municipalities etc. operating John Deere.
    I'd think if a man were operating the machine himself he'd spring for a higher end brand. Especially if he was going to put in a lot of hours on it.

    I have a couple of Toro 72" front runner style mowers I use to trim around my 16' Toro 580-D. They trim better than a mid mount (ZTR). But the Z's can out maneuver the front mount mower.
    I can't imagine a front mount replacing a ZTR, but I could see where a ZTR could replace a front mount. But you'd wind up with more line trimming making that kind of trade.

  6. timinkc

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    I Love mine!...never had an exmark though
  7. GLS

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    We bought a new 757 last fall. We havn't put a whole lot of hours on it yet, but so far it has been great. Cut wet grass all of the time and it doesn't seem to build up under the deck. One thing we need to get/make for it though is an ocdc. Anyways, time will tell but so far it's been a great machine. Havn't heard anything bad about the new z's or 7-iron decks, so that's good.

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