John deere 110 tlb (backhoe) stolen, ga

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by ATLandcare, Aug 24, 2011.

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    From what the police say, last night after 8pm my Dad's John Deere 110 TLB (about a $40,000 commercial tractor) was stolen from a job site at Love's truck stop in Thomson Georgia. Please if you are in the area or surrounding states be on the lookout. I will post full detailed info including the serial #, year, and hours tmr...after I get all the info from my father. The economy has hit my fathers Concrete company hard and this is beyond devastating financially. If you pray keep us in your prayers if you don't pray then keep us in your thoughts and wishes.
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    i hope you guys find it... and put the sorry dirt bag who stole it in lock up for a while... i do everything i can to make my business better except for steal someone elses hard earned equipment...
  3. ATLandcare

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    I can't imagine how someone could steal! I don't understand how a person could sleep at night and do that. In 2006 or 2007 we had a Bobcat 441(or 331?) min-ex stolen from us. We believe a wrecker took it off. It was almost new and we had it within 10k of payoff and all the insurance company did was pay it off I believe. My father's company also had an enclosed trailer stolen from him around 2000 that had over 25k in equipment inside.

    This is just to much to handle right now, we almost had the machine paid off and it was easily worth 25k+ with a nearly 40k replacement cost. We fear the insurance company will rip us off again.

    I would much rather the dirt bags hands be cut off! Jail time will teach him very little except new theft skills.
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    Got a SN ?

    Also check craigslists. I once found a massey ferguson on auction that had been reported on CL and I got the owner in contact.

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