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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by NickZ, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. NickZ

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    When engaging the tractor cable, on my 14sb the wheels don't spin. I noticed that the cable was worn. I went to the john deere dealer, and because they redesigned the cable and lever, (for the jx75 model) he sold me a new cable that he said was longer than the original, and it had to be adjusted for length. (Cutting the cable and reattaching it with lugs) Because the original cable isn't made any longer. Installing the cable, I noticed slack and had to manually pull up the cable from the lever in order to get the transmission to engage and wheels turn. I was looking to cut the cable again to shorten the slack so the lever can do the job and not me. The Black sheating that covers the cable, was moving thru the five speed, transaxale box as I was manually pulling the cable towards me. Can anyone suggest what I can do to engage the transmission, as shortening the cable seems to be the only answer. Does this seem logical? I have asked john deere dealers in illinois and they look at me like I am crazy about cutting the cable. But one dealer in Ohio, said that they changed the height of the handlebars. I been involved in this mess since 2005.
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    How does the cable housing mount to the upper handle ?
    I can't tell by Deere's sorry pics....
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    Thank you for responding to my question by the way. The cable is housed thru a groove on the side of the box, that goes against the handlebar which attaches by two screws. The screws are just above the groove which runs length-wise on the box. The cable then shows outside the box, with two tappered ends of brass, and the cable comes out of that, attaching to the lever and fastened by a push-nut.

    On a side note, I have a Bradley 21-inch roto tiller, with a briggs and stratton 5hp motor, and replaced sparkplug, and haven't ran it in a year. I get it to start, but then it immediately cuts out. I sprayed carb cleaner everywhere and even put some alcohol in the tank, thinking it would get rid of any water.
    Any suggestions?

    thank you in advance..
  4. Restrorob

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    Can you remove the one brass piece then slide the cable housing down the handle and put a hose clamp around the handle and cable housing ? This will shorten the throw on the inner cable.

    On the Briggs, Sounds like the main jet in the carb. has gummed up from sitting and needs to be cleaned out.
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    The dealer you are talking needs to do his homework. There is no need to cut the new cable. The cable did in fact change. In addition to the new cable, you are also supposed to replace the lever that pulls the cable. You need to order part numbers: GX22026(lever), GX10434(push nut). They will cost you less than $10 and everything will work as its supposed to.
  6. NickZ

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    Thank you for replying to my message, I appreciated the responses very much. I noticed the cable was not being fed properly thru the handle bars. I had the cable running outside the bars, not inside. When moving them inside, the slack was taken up and the lever now engages the transmission.

    On a side note, I have been looking into replacing the Throttle cable that operates the 5-speed transmission, and trying to figure out how to take off the pulley that runs the belt. I noticed the nut is hard to take off and the pulley keeps moving. Is there any way to keep the pulley stationary while getting the nut off? Or, is there another way to take the cable off that i am not aware of?

    On a side note about the briggs and stratton motor, I did take off the carb and noticed the main jet in the tank was gummed pretty badily and once cleaned it ran. While using the rototiller, it would cut out and I would clean the fowled spark plug and restart it. I am hoping that running the tank dry will clean up whats inside and the spark plug will stop fowling. Thanks again Restrorob.
  7. yardmanlee

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    what J hugh says no need to shorten that cable or rig it like they say !!
  8. ranger350

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    Exactly. I did this last year. I also did the rear axle heavy duty support kit because everything was worn out. But its also 16 years old, lol.

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