john deere 2BV blower cannot be started

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by moon, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. moon

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    old john deere 2BV blower cannot be restarted though it sounds like it would if it got fuel and/or spark. It was running, and, then I mixed new fuel with 2 cycle oil but probably mixed a very excessive oil / fuel mix ratio by mistake, so it was blowing out alot of blue smoke and running rough when I stopped it, but then could not restart the engine. Not sure whether this oil mixture issue is related to the restart problem. Replaced spark plug which was fouled, but cannot restart. Any suggestions on how to restart this engine or what is wrong with it?
  2. topsites

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    There's this bug going around lately, so first I'd be sure to check the Ignition switch is set to | and not O

    You didn't flood it, did ya? :)

    Flooded backpack starter procedure:
    - Choke OFF and NO throttle, I-switch set to |
    - Pull the cord about 50 times in quick succession, keep the engine turning the whole time basically.
    -> You can bypass the above if you have another blower, pull the plug and blow air in that hole for about 5-10 minutes.
    - Pull spark plug and inspect, replace again if necessary, re-install.
    - Choke ON and NO throttle, pull it ONE time.
    - Choke OFF and NO throttle, it should start now.
  3. Lawn Masters

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    I just set the switch to off, pull the plug out and crank it over a few times to get most of the excess fuel out of the case. generally works pretty well. only thing ya gotta be careful of is NOT leaving the plug in the wire near the plug hole and leavin the ignition switch in the ON position(nice fireball out the plug hole that way.)
  4. moon

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    Hi - Thanks to both the earlier respondents I was able to restart the 2BV blower. Somewhat more effort than noted as I had to repeat the following cycle 5 times to get it going: remove the spark plug with start switch off, pulled the cord up to 10 times and saw some smoke blow out of the spark plug hole, cleaned the spark plug and put it back in, choke out 1 time, pull 5-10 times to try to start engine. On the 2nd try of the above procedure, I saw some smoke coming out of the regular exhaust and it started more like the engine was about to start, so I knew I was on the right path. On the 4th cycle of above, the engine seemed to run for about 1-2 seconds once, with even more smoke out of the regular exhaust. On the 5th cycle, the engine ran about 2-3 seconds about two times in a row, and then it ran on the next try!! Of course I had made sure the gas/oil mixture was not my original mistake. After about 10 minutes of clean running (no smoke this time), I did re-adjust the low speed idle to a slightly higher idle on this old blower (never adjusted before). So, maybe I'll get a few more years out of this 2BV now.

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