John Deere 350 Dozer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by msd_woody, Oct 19, 2004.

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    I'm looking at buying an early 70's (that's what the seller told me) JD 350 with 6 way blade. Anyone know the approximate weight of this machine? I need to haul it on my rollback which has a 10,000lb deck capacity. Also, it has a rebuilt injection pump, new injectors, new tracks, new rollers, new track guards, etc. (all track stuff is not on now but seller will put on when/if I buy it). He's asking $9500 - is this a fair price? Seems to run really well, steers fine and runs fine through all gears, blade functions perfectly, and all paint appears to be in nice original condition with the exception of some older touch-up on the blade and the lower front end areas. Also, anyone know approximate horsepower?
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    42 hp 3 cyl diesel. 9K lbs bare + 1K for blade. Be certain deckover has wood flooring steel on steel is an accident waiting to happen. Post sn on & get build year. B & C models have lower maintenance wet clutches & brakes. Machine is a little workhorse will rip 12K lbs shift weight on the blade to prevent the tracks from spinning.

    Look for welds on the frame members, finals, etc. signs of abuse. A test before buying is put blade against an immobile object & attempt spinning tracks to check clutches. I bought a '68 with quik tach backhoe for 10K two years ago.

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