John Deere 36" Will Only Idle

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by vaulta, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I have 36" john deere belt drive about 7 years old. Pull the cord, engine will start into idle mode fine. Other times I will pull the cord and it will barely stay running (about too die) then about 15 seconds it will idle fine and normal. Then I move it too the fast position (rabbit)and it will just cut out.It just runs in idle mode. Is it normal for the blades not too engage in idle position because they wont. The safety switch for the handles does not work and I put new gas in. Does this sound like a carb problem?Thanx for any help
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    Sounds like it isn't getting enough gas. Check the carb set screws they may be turned in to far. Engaging your blades at low rpm will most of the time kill the engine since it doesn't have enough torque to get them going.
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    I have a backpack blower that did this. It was a pain to start and once it did, you could never go full throttle without it dieing. I took the carb off and flushed it out with some carb cleaner and now it works perfect. Try flushing yours out.
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    sounds like a shop or boneyard issue.

    for sure posted in the WRONG forum

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