John Deere 4030

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    $12,000 with 8500 hours.
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    What Deere was doing with the Sound Gaurd cabs was this, up untill 1973, deere and most of the other tractor manufactures were using cabs that were either aftermarket (Hiniker, or Cozy) or come sort of factory type cab. All these cabs were, were a bolt on, loud azz rattle can. They had heat, some had air and all were loud.

    Deere was the first company to address the cab noise issues, and the first to do it from the factory.

    With every model, for the 30 series on up, they made improvements in cab and noise quality. Example, 30 series cabs had a lot of metal still showing, Cab/Rop posts, by the 55 series the metal was covered with plastic. The 30 series had a spring cushion seat the 40 series had a hydraulic seat. 50 series had an air seat. All cab improvements were geared twords the operator.

    Deere fell behind in tractor advancements for a few years due to them making the basic 4000 series for so many years, 1973 untill 1992. During this time CaseIH released the magnum line and really cut into Deeres market share. Deere didn't have much of an awnser untill the early 90's 1992 saw the (6000, 7000 series) then in 1994 the 8000 series came out. The newer series has been tweaked and revamped way more then the older series ever was.

    4030's are good tractors. I have never seen one with a 10 speed power shift though. Deere had an 8 speed then a 16 speed. Most 30 series had a quad range shifter. It was a bit of a rare thing to see a power shift unit.

    Grandpa had a 4020 turbo, a 4430 and a 4630. When he retired my uncle traded the 4630 for a 8100, then got a 8410. He still has the 4020 and the 4430. I am pretty sure the 4020 will out last all of us. its also the tractor that I first learned to operate.

    Sorry guys, I just kinda know tractors.

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    the 50 series still had the hydraulic seat ive never seen a factory 4020 turbo ive seen them with the aftermarket turbo
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    maybe it was a 8 speed, I don't think it was a 16. I do know it was power shift though.
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    well, it could of been 12 forward and 4 reverse. If that is how they get a 16 speed. I was thinking 8 forward and 2 reverse or something, that's how I got 10, but I don't remember.
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    I use to drive a 4030 and a 4230 in my younger years. Both where very good tractors. The 4230 had a rattle can for a cab so it was removed. I have allot of fond memories side dressing corn on that 4230 at about 18 years old. Man that thing was awesome to drive. I have drove many Deere's over the years. I use to disk, run a finish tool, and cultivate beans with a 4650 FWA. That tractor was so sweat to run. I run allot of different brands back then with cabs and I must say Deere had one of the best and most quite cabs out. I remember when the 9000 series Deere combines came out. We use to talk about how quite they where in the cabs and how you stayed so clean in them. Gleaner and IH had a pretty good cabs back then also on there combines.
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    Thats news to me that the 50 series had a air seat. I have never been in a soundguard that had a air seat.
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    They were optional. My 8440 has an air ride seat.


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