John Deere 425 AWS rear tire

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by JD Power, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. JD Power

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    Looking for a rear tire that would work with out spacers. Wanting more aggressive then what on there now (turf). I mow 5 acres and some hills
    15 degrees max. I have been looking at the "AG LUG". Also have a blade for landscaping need better traction.Also what you you guys recommend for a front tire? Keep the turf style? How would I add washer fluid to the rear tires? Is it a 50/50 with air mix ?

    I am not tire savvy for tractors, can I change the tires in my garage using regular tools? Swapping tires off rims?

    Rear 23x10.50-12
    Front 16x6.5-8

    Thanks for the help :drinkup:

  2. DiyDave

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    From the sizes of tire you list, that is a lawn mower, not a tractor. If you want tires for it, try Gemplers, do a google search, they sell the tires and tools you would need to change them. Good luck with your little project!

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