John Deere 425 Garden Tractor

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by lawnspecialties, May 30, 2008.

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    A good friend of mine has always wanted my 66" SuperZ I'm selling. So I broke down and let him trade me his 425 and some cash for the SuperZ. It's one of those deals where I could use it but not a whole lot. So if I sell it, great. If I don't, great.

    It's a 425 with only 150 hours. It's in very nice condition. It has the liquid-cooled 20hp Kawasaki, 54" shaft driven deck, power steering, and hydraulic lift for the deck. It also has the linkage in back for installing a three-point hitch if someone ever wanted to. There are hydraulic hookups in front for front mounted accessories as well.

    I've had two of the 400 series tractors before: a 445 and a 455 diesel. There was no better garden tractor made by Deere than the 400 series. I don't know the year model of the machine but I don't think they really made any changes from year to year.

    My deal with him allowed $4500 so that's the price. I'm gonna' have to stay pretty firm with this price because like I said earlier, I could definitely use it around home and maybe on some bagging jobs or aerating. Fortunately, I don't think it's gonna' be too hard to sell, whether on lawnsite or not. :)

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    That thing is purdy. I will second it being one of the best JD tractors ever made. (JD 318 or 332 still takes the number 1 spot) Somebody is going to get a deal for $4500
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    Didn't take long... I know I would hold onto something like that.
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    I put it on craigslist very early yesterday morning. Had three calls for people to come see it today. First guy to come by, sold. :)

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