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john deere 495 hour meter


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ok im new here, but i have searched threw the archives, and can not find the answer im looking for, so heres the question. on a john deere 495 diesel belly mower, the hour meter works when it wants too, not all the time, it seems it takes it about 5 minutes to start working after the motor warms up. it is built into the dash gauges, i traced the wiring to it from the oil sending unit, did not find any problems. so could the oil sending unit be the culprit, not sending out a signal until the motor is warm ? i have also unhooked the wiring harness from the gauges and cleaned the connections, that made it better, but did not fix the problem.


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Well usually the way it works is......pwr in on one side. When engine is running the oil psi closes the switch and sends pwr to the gauge. So maybe test light it and see what you get
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i tried that when it was cold, no power going to gauge, ill try it when the motor gets hot and see.


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Function - Hourmeter and Service Timer Light (SN -30000):

To record the number of hours the key switch is in the run position. To inform the operator that the machine is within the service time limit.
Theory of Operation - Hourmeter and Service Timer Light:

The P1 hourmeter not only counts the total number of hours the key switch is in the run position, it is also tied into the service light timer circuit. The service light timer circuit is also tied into the engine oil pressure light circuit.

While the hourmeter counts time when the key is in the run position, the service light timer module is activated when the engine has enough oil pressure to open the engine oil pressure switch.

(SN -30000) The H12 service light will illuminate automatically 2 hours before scheduled maintenance. The light will stay illuminated until the S13 service timer reset switch has been pressed. The service light circuit is automatic and nonadjustable. When the scheduled maintenance has been performed, the service technician will press and release the S13 service timer reset switch to start the next service interval cycle. The key must be in the run or start position for the service light timer module to be reset.

The P1 hourmeter will continue to count the total hours of operation and will not reset to zero with the reset switch. The P1 hourmeter, service light timer module and H12 service light receive power from the switched power circuit.