John Deere 636m Just purchased general discussion


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Upstate NY
With mulch kit or just quick chute?
The Gator G6 is great for chopping up leaves. You can use the quik chute as a poor mans mulcher but you will generally have it pushing open slightly by itself from the material load. However at least for me in Northern grasses they leave way too many stragglers, so I stick with the stock JD high lift blades for actual mowing with side discharge.

Definitely want at least one set of spare blades, then you can sharpen them in your downtime and swap them over as needed. Keep a set in the truck ready to swap if you hit something significant. Sharp blades deliver a much cleaner cut, I know there's heavy mowers here going all day no trimming and they change blades at lunch. I would say swap over at least once a week if not more frequently depending on your use.

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Nice thing with a stander is if does get too hairy just step off. No need to worry about being trapped upside down in a pond on a ztr or other horror scenarios. On significant slopes you can really climb over the machine to each side to adjust the center of gravity with your body weight.
I was referring more to skidding where wet or having a shore cave in under you type stuff. Not sure why this took so long to post. I hit the post button several hours ago.