John Deere 7 iron?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BryceBentleyLCS, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. BryceBentleyLCS

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    I am thinking about getting a 7h17 walkbehind and was wondering how good the 7 iron multched? Is all you need is the multch kit or do you need to also get the multching blades like the gators? I hear alot about the 7 iron being great the way it is, but I want to multch with it. :usflag:
  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have owned a 717 and now have the 737 with the 7 iron and mulching kit. The 717 mulched a little better than the 737, and yes I run gators. It works great on leaves and straw but if cutting thick lush grass it will bog the macine down to a crawl and cause a lot of double cutting to make the lawn have the vacumed look. Bahia will make you cuss the muching kit and this thing ain't easy to remove/install. Don't know what kind of grass you have in Kentucky though. I cut two yards of very healthy Burmuda and Bahai yesterday and had to double cut both but when I finished they looked just like they had been bagged. Hope this helps.
  3. BryceBentleyLCS

    BryceBentleyLCS LawnSite Member
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    So the blades that come with the factory multching kit are the best to multch with? The Gators are recommended?
  4. ATL Lawn

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  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    The blades that came with my mulching kit were the wavey OEM deere blades, not the gators. The gators work much better on leaves and on grass either one worked fine except on Bahai. I found that the wavey blades work better and belive me I have experimented with every setup from doubles to gators to straight to wavey to find what works the best here.
  6. robbo521

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    love mine!have the 717a and have a full mulch kit on it. it looks great even when wet.and its even better in the fall time.
  7. mike r

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    Bruce how is the 7H17 run for you.
    i have the 7H19 and the 7 iron II deck and the cut is awsome! i do not mulch with mine, but the oem high lift blades on this 54 " deck is simply amazing. and runs smooth, but very loud! of course thats high lift blades for you.
    as far as any machine walk behind or not slow the mowing speed down a bit, and 10 minutes + or - in the end, will make a phenominal difference in the cut appearence.
    sharpen and balance those blades, and keep that deck CLEAN!

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