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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Classic HD, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Does anyone have any experience with the new 700 series for 2019? How does the PRO deck compare to the 7 IRON? The top model 740R is the same price as a 915E. But you get a kawasaki and the suspension seat. Can the suspension seat be added to mower that doesnt come with it? and at what price? I was thinking the 735M would be a good fit if the seat can be added to it. This mower would be for personal use to mow 4-6 acres a week.

    Im still undecided on the 54" to 60" deck. any concerns with scalping with the 60" on these mowers?

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    Hi there. I bought a 740R in April and it was delivered in early May. I mow about 3 acres a week, and I have a fairly bumpy, uneven yard so I went with the 48" deck and R model for the suspension seat. It does a great job and I haven't had any issues so far. Dramatically cut my mowing time.

    I can't tell you how the HC deck compares to the 7-iron, but I'm only mowing my personal yard and don't need to mow early morning wet lawns, nor does it run 35 hours a week. So it's more than sufficient for my needs. Why didn't I just get a 915? Well, I don't like to buy the lowest end of anything, so I elected to go top of the line 700 series as opposed to bottom of the line 900. Plus the suspension seat came on the 740R.

    That seat is important, really helps your back out though prolonged use will still make it a little sore. I choose the 48" deck because of the bumpy terrain, and the odd shape of the yard with many obstacles. I've only scalped a couple of times the first time or two until I learned the best way to do my yard. First time using it you may want to cut a little higher than normal until you find your scalping areas.

    If your mowing 4-6 acres I'd go 60" if it will work for you. Only you know what obstacles you have to deal with, gate sizes, where it will be stored, etc.

    After almost a full season of use I absolutely love my 740R and have no regrets about not buying a 900 series. Whatever you get just make sure it's from a reputable dealer.
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    thanks for the input. I'm also looking at the toro titan 2000 with my ride. decisions......

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