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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SUPRASPORT, Aug 9, 2004.


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    New member here. I have a few questions. I'am looking for a mower for my home, but i don't want a "residential ZTR" I want something a little more beefy.

    I'am looking at a 717 or maybe the 727. Can you trim well with the 717 or would the 54" be worth it? I'am kind of partial to JD but will look at other makes.

    Will the meg-mo system work well on the 717? I have the meg-mo on my GT245 w/ the 54" deck but the cut is not that good, especially cutting clover. Is this because of the blade tip speed?
    I only have 1.50 acre and over 25 trees none over 15ft high.

    Thanks Todd
  2. cginn

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    I bought a 717 with a mulching kit in April and I had the same doubts about trimming until I demoed one on my yard. The 48" deck cuts right up to my fence and the mulching kit is fantastic. I recommend the 717 without any reservations.


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