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John Deere 717a - Spread & Spray W/New Mower Deck

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If you are interested in this unit please contact us WE HAVE 7 OF THEM!!!! We have upgraded our fleet and are selling all these units. They have been used over the past 4 years for strictly fertilizer and herbicide applications. We haven't touched the mower decks. They all have been over serviced as far as regular preventitive maintenance. We had the frames completely stripped down with a sandblaster and used POR on them and repainted John Deere green. Minor structural issues on the front casters that we have since repaired.

However, We have custom Stainless steel tanks made for them and we'll sell these to you with hose reel and Spyker 220 spreader and a 12v ShurFLO pump for $7,000 ready to use. In these pictures you will see no boom sprayer attached. If you want these we'll hook it back up with a solinoid and a thumb switch located in one of the sticks that operates the "BOOMLESS" sprayer. These Tractors are in good condition and will last you for years.

If you are interested in these units please give us a call. Either way they are being sold with the application equipment for $7,000 or less with just mower deck... CALL 207-989-1433 and ask for Mike. MAKE AN OFFER!!

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All of these units are BEST OFFER!
If anyone is interested in more photos of these units without the spreader and spray system attached.... Just the mower deck please visit.

And click on "FOR SALE"
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