John Deere 727a Hydraulic Pump change

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gjk6, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. gjk6

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    Changing my hydraulic pump on a 727a. The problem is the pump I'm replacing (p/n TCA 17484) has a shaft for the pump cooling fan; the new pump (TCA 18087) does not. Elminating the cooling fan.

    I've triple checked part numbers and the old number was substitued for the new number. The new pump is made by Tuff Torq, in Japan, ;( Part number DOP10S.

    Seems odd to eliminate the hydraulic cooling fan but possible. Has anybody encountered this?
  2. LawnCareNoobie

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    Seems backwards. I want to say the older 727's had the pump without cooling fan and newer ones had them. Where did you get the pump from? JD dealer?
  3. gjk6

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    Bought the pump from a John Deere dealer, and they are the ones who advised me on the number change. Called there yesterday, parts department didn't't know why the number changed or if I could run the new pump. Service department was closed when I called.

    I agree with you. Why would they eliminate the cooling fan. I don't have a problem using it if I could get a reasonable answer why they eliminated the the fan.

    Frustrating to spend almost a $1,000.00 and not be the same pump. :(
  4. gjk6

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    Spoke with three John Deere dealers all of them say the same thing. New pump TCA 18087 does not use a cooling fan. Why? None of them had the answer why the change.
  5. pugs

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    Well its probably cheaper to make it without one and the figured out they didnt need it so cut cost. Just my guess. Oh and then they added on an extra green paint tax just so you dont forget what color your machine is.
  6. LawnCareNoobie

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    Is it possible to place the cooling fan from the old pump onto the new one? Edit: Never mind I read in original post that you cant.
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  7. teckjohn

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    they said there is no need for the fan after the redesign. I do have some videos of taking the pump apart so you can see what it wrong with your pump. Here is how you take your pump apart to check it for damages This pump fits John Deere 717 727 737 757 and some 777 models. This is a redesign and does not require a fan and no longer has a shaft for the fan. The brass plates get gouges in them most of the time because of a wheel motor shaft breaking and debris going into the pump and destroying the brass plates. A wheel motor hardly ever goes bad. If you have one side getting weak its because the pump is bad almost 99% of the time. A wheel motor will have a seal leak or have a bearing go bad. This repair is not just as simple as just buying a pump and bolting it on. Doing that will most likely damage your new pump. Anything that had hydro oil in it must be disassembled and cleaned and put back together. The first thing it to jack up your machine and try to spin both wheels at the same time and if one spins easier that the other one most likely you have a broke wheel motor shaft. This means take the reservoir off the hydro filer head and all lines and both wheel motors and the pump and take the pump apart first and see what the damages are. then if you see gouges in the brass plates you most likely have a bad wheel motor.

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