John Deere 737 only right side hydro works

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MNguy, May 7, 2011.

  1. MNguy

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    Does anyone have any ideas why the right side stilk only moves the machine. The left side doesn't do anything.. I jacked it up and if you use the left stik it barely turns the wheel. I checked the fluid and hoses. I bought it this way they stated that it worked before they chenged the hydro oil. It's a 2006 JD with 1100 hours. Also any ball park figures for dealer fix. :(
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Now did you learn something
    Never buy used stuff
    Have a warrenty
  3. MNguy

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    Nice comment looking for advice for a fix not your 2 cents on what to buy
  4. JDeereZman

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    If your machine is a 2006 it probably has the single pump. There should be a tow valve on the pump that you can open up if you need to move the machine around when it is not running. Make sure that is closed all the way. On the older 737's there was a dual pump and each pump had it's own tow valve but with the single pump there was only one and it seems like I remember that if it was not closed all the way it would make one wheel slower. Try that first.
  5. DLCS

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    Depending on when in 2006 it was produced it could have the separate pumps. Like the above poster said, check the release valves and make they are screwed in all the way. When they changed the oil, its possible that they may have let dirt in the system and it damaged the pump or wheel motor. Would be an expensive fix. Also, smell the oil and see if it smells burnt, did they really change the oil?
  6. DLCS

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  7. MNguy

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    Thanks for you help I will check
  8. DeereHauler

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    or like every other 737, 757 out there the hydro went out....My first 757 had the hydro replaced once, my second 757 had it replaces 2 times, and when it went out the third i scrapped it. It also had the a wheel motor changed once.

    First time I had a small casting burr break off in mine, messed up the whole valve plate, and hung open the check valve so the right wheel stopped moving. Those POS pumps are not rebuildable, and no parts available. new pump is well over 700 now.

    Good freaking luck, i have bled green for years, but i have the worst taste for deere now. I'm going to switch brands.

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