John Deere 737 or ??????????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by keegan99usa, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. keegan99usa

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    My options so far would be something like the JD 737. Pricing is about $7100 with a 54" deck, 23HP Kaw, air cooled. I can get a mulcher attachment for $170 more. Is this a good price? Are there other options for me? I saw that Ever Ride Warrior(sp) witha 60" deck on this message board that looks real nice too. I did not see a dealer in Wisconsin, so I don't see driving down to Illinois for a lawn mower. I would like to keep my price down as much as possible, but I also want a mower that will run for years. As I mentioned in another post I am just a homeowner with about 3 acres to mow. I can get an employee rebate from JD, but not on any commercial units. The largest mower deck on the other units would be 48". I was considering the SST 18, but I'm not sure of that either. I would rather go to a 54" or 60" deck. I am looking for options here.
  2. Gabriel Turf

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    Look on the back of the commercial trucks in your area. Chances are you will see alot of red machines that say Exmark on them and alot of orange machines that say SCAG on them and some yellow machines that say Wright on them, that is, if your area looks like my area. You should do some searches on this site on "best ztr" and you will find a wealth of information. Most of all, you should go to your local dealers and see who treats you the best and who has the better shop and see if they sell a brand of mower that is highly touted on this site. Being a homeowner, chances are you will be very impressed by most commercial machines but you will want to find a dealer who will make you feel good about dropping $7k.
  3. LawnPerfect

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    Nothing runs like a deere.

    But I think a 737 would be serious overkill for a homeowner though.
  4. Lombardi

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    I agree with lawndoc. The 737 is a serious machine. Way too big for just 3 acres. Try the lawn tractor versions, the GX, LX, etc. You can get 54"-60" decks and get your discount also.
    All of my equipment is JD and I hope to buy more this year.
  5. keegan99usa

    keegan99usa LawnSite Member
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    So, what tractor would you recomend? Is ths SST18 a good one? I like the idea of it being pretty much a zero turn tractor.
    Thanks for the replies!
  6. LawnPerfect

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    I was very impressed when I saw the spin steers on my dealers floor. Pricing was good too.
    Take a long look at them. You will save a ton of money by going with a tractor over a ztr, plus you can get more use out of it ie (attachments)
  7. imograss

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    If you go with the commercial unit, as a homeowner this may be the last mower you need to purchase.IMHO
  8. LawnPerfect

    LawnPerfect LawnSite Senior Member
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    My grandfathers lawn tractor is a John Deere 188.

    He has been cutting his 4 acre yard with it since 1977
  9. dkeisala

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    Lawn tractors don't get a lot of recognition on this site probably because they aren't specialized enough for the commercial operator. They are also much slower and don't produce the finish of cut the professional is looking for. But if you are a homeowner looking for a good utilitarian mower that's versatile and will allow you to do more than just mow, I would think a lawn tractor would be great. Sure, you can get a durable commercial mower for the money you are looking to spend but how many homeowner want to drop $7K on a machine that only mows?

    If I were to buy a lawn tractor I would, without question, buy a John Deere. I would also get the model that is as close to zero-turn as possible. Because if you don't, you will wish you had when you have to go around those tree circles half a dozen times each just to be able to cut all the grass around the edge.
  10. keegan99usa

    keegan99usa LawnSite Member
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    Thank you all again for the insite. I will be looking at all the mowers. The price I have on the SST18 with 48" deck is $3990. Not sure if I can mulch with it yet (I would like to mulch). I can get a rebate of $450 off any deal I can find. Do you think I can get a snowblower or blade attachment to the SST?
    Thanks again all

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