John Deere 737 Z-Track


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John Deere 737 Z Track

I have been in the market for awhile now for a new zero-turn mower. I have about 3.5 - 4 acres that I mow. Besides that, I take care of three other yards, along with the lawn around my dad's business. I want to know if the price that I have been quoted by my local JD dealer is a good price or not. What I am looking at is a John Deere 737 Z-Track w/ a 23 horse Kaw. engine, 54 in. deck. They have quoted me $6700. Also, if this is just a starting point, what should I try to work them down to? Lastly, will this mower be a quality mower for doing all of this work? Thanks for the help that anyone can give me.


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Port Tobacco, MD
JD is a quality product. You might want to look at exmark as well they are a quality product as well. Not sure how good that price is. I would get quotes from several dealers before I buy. Good luck


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My 737 cost me $6,800 in Md. Deer Finance plan puts it up to about $8,300. Wouldn't trade it though. Just something about that yellow seat. Only thing I would've done is gone bigger and faster. It's a dream in wet grass. I have been splashing through puddles in the pouring down rain and it doesn't clump.


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Yall guys got a good price, I called this am and checked on 737 and it was $8600 and was told He might would take $7899, big difference in the price, maybe i need a different dealer


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London KY
I've priced a JD 60" Cut 23 HP Kawasaki for $6700, a comparable ExMark with same specs for $7350. I'm new to the business, in this area, most people around here are using Kubota's, Cub Cadet Tank's, and Ex Marks. I would like some advice on what I need to get.

I mow 3-5 acres at my residence and looking to purchase a mower and start mowing some yards to pay for the mower. I should be able to get plenty of yards to mow. Just looking for some input from some experts.


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I think it's a very good price: I was quoted $7350 for a 737 including a mulch kit, which is ~$100 .

If you can get a 757 for ~$275-$300 more ($7000 ), BUY it !