john deere 757 leaves marks in grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmolaver15, May 5, 2011.

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    hey guys im new here, i work at a ymca camp in connecticut and we have all john deere equipment. i've noticed our john deere 757 with 7 iron II deck leaves a line in the middle of the cut thats about 2 inches wide. we checked underneath the deck there is nothing sticking down below the blades, it appears like its coming from the middle of the left blade though. spindles also seem snug, and we grease them regularly. it'll leave the lines like that with a brand new set of blades on also. what is going on with this thing?
  2. davidcalhoun

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    Check to make sure blade(s) are not upside down.
    See if a bunch of debris has built up under deck.
    Check length of blade(s). Measure diagonally. Compare to new specs.
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    Also, make sure all the tires are aired up to the proper specs listed for that machine in the owners manual. Don't go by the pressure on the sidewall. My two front caster tires have a much higher number stamped on them than what Deere calls for in the manual for my machine, and I wouldn't want to inflate them as high as is stamped- they'd ride bad and look like a ballon. A rear tire that is 4-6 PSI off from the other side will cause problems with an uneven cut since they normally only run in the 8-12 PSI range when properly inflated.
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    If you have the 60 inch deck then check the blade number stamped on should be TCU15881. I've seen people put the old yellow deck 60 inch blade on the 7 Iron deck and cause the same issue.

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