John Deere 777 Good or Bad

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. puppypaws

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    What is good and bad about the 2006 JD 777, 27 L/C Kawasaki with a 72" 7- IRON II deck and would the 29 DFI Kawasaki be a better engine for this mower?
  2. JTF40

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    The 777 is a fine piece of equipment. However, 27 hp is NOT enough for a 72" deck (IMO). A 60" deck would be perfect. :usflag:
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Hey... I just got to have a good look at a 2006 model 777 yesterday.

    I've always liked the wide layout of the 777 & 797 Ztraks, and prior to reading about some of the customer service issues from Deere I was really really really wanting an all Deere setup. A 777 or 797, and a GX series or 455 or X series L&G tractor, plus all the goodies... (I like a neat and uniform look)... but the 665 & 757 (7 Iron) demo performance just blew that out of the water.

    Anyways, the 777 I saw had the 60" 7 Iron II deck and it's a dang slick looking setup I must say. However, other than the 7 Iron II decal on the deck, it's extremely hard to tell it from the previous models... it really is...

    On the point of power of the 777 w/ 72" deck... I think most of the time you would be OK with Deere's deck type, so long as you were not pushing it hard like I know you might. At speed and for rough cutting, I think you would be reaching for more power.

    So the 777 would be an OK choice, but the 797 should be a bit better of a choice for a 72" deck. It's honestly probably the same thing basically, just fuel injected. (like 27 Kohler v/s 28 EFI Kolher I would imagine)
  4. drumbo

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    DITTO! I test rode a 797 and a 757. I thought the 757 was awful in power (compared to my 28hp Exmarks). The 797 was a bit nicer! If I get a 72 inch (and it might be a Deere), I would definitely get the bigger motor. Trust us!
  5. puppypaws

    puppypaws LawnSite Fanatic
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    How is the cut with these mowers and are they built to take mowing rough areas and does anybody know what a good price would be on a 777 and 797?
  6. tacoma200

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    They are not fast enough for you Puppypaws. Hey did you ever get your's started and what did you have to due when it ran out of fuel?
  7. puppypaws

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    I used the instructions in the Kohler operators manual of switching tanks, turning the key to the on position for a couple of minutes so the electric fuel pump can prime the system. I tried this three times and it would not start but I listened to the fuel pump very closely and it would only cycle 4 or 5 times and quit, normally this would mean the fuel system should be charged. I then took the cap off the Schrader valve and got a small cap off of a spray can, I then got a small Phillips screwdriver and bled about an eye dropper full of gas with a little air out of the valve and it cranked right up. The next day I called the Kohler engine company and was lucky enough to get a design engineer that actually designs and lab test the Kohler engines. He said you are not suppose to use the Schrader valve to prime the system it was put on the fuel line to attach a gage so a technician can check the fuel pressure and to relieve the pressure on the system in case he needs to work on the fuel delivery to the engine. He said this problem had occurred on the dual tank set up of Exmark mowers but this was the first time he heard of the same problem with Hustler. The reason this is happening he said was the return set up of the dual tanks was not functioning properly and the gas was vapor locking because it could not breathe, the fuel pump cannot fill the system because the gas has to be able to move before it can be purged through and fill everything. I said my own dealer was told by Hustler to use the Schrader valve and bleed the system to start the engine. He then said I have got to talk with Hustler immediately about this information they are using for directions because someone is going to end up being burned by squirting gas out on this hot engine. If you think about this it is not a Kohler engine problem it is the mower manufacture problem and he seemed a little concerned about this and he was very glad I brought it to his attention. He emailed me so we could stay in contact if I or anyone else has any technical questions about Kohler engines, I really thought this was very nice because I like to talk with people that know their products first hand and not dealers or reps, so now we have a direct link to an engineer that is as knowledgeable about Kohler engines as anyone can be. He told me they were working on a 36 hp engine to go into Hustler's line and I said I hope it is the efi and he said not yet but we should have it in production with the efi by 2008 the first one will be with a carburetor because we can get them on line quicker. We then talked about the 30 having problems and he explained what was going on and what they were doing to remedy this, he also said the 28 efi would be as strong as the 30 with about 25 to 30% better fuel economy. This person was extremely knowledgeable and very nice, I feel very fortunate to have made his acquaintance.
  8. ponderosa2

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    i bought the 777 with the gas engine. I tried the mulch kit but not enough power. I wish I had gone with the diesel. It is still an awesome machine. I mow secen acres quite often.
  9. JDWalkbehind

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    DITTO! I test rode a 797 and a 757. I thought the 757 was awful in power (compared to my 28hp Exmarks). The 797 was a bit nicer! If I get a 72 inch (and it might be a Deere), I would definitely get the bigger motor. Trust us!
    Whoa whoa whoa. I just bought i brand new 757 and i love it. But thats only because it's been perfect for what i do. Even tho i only mow 7-8 yards a week. It is a really nice machine i have no complains. But Exmarks are nice too but a prefer John Deere. Definitely a good buy.
  10. sweeter

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    I have a 757, I mow 11 yards and some as large as 10 acres, I have had zero problems with it but I do think its difficult to service the striper bar.

    My opinion only.

    G Sweet

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