John Deere 790 tractor ???

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by TerraFirma Excavating, Sep 24, 2004.

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    I have been considering purchasing a John Deere 790 tractor with turf tires. I plan on equipping it with the 60" mid-mount mower and using it primarily for mowing the lawn. I also plan on purchasing a rototiller and possibly a box blade. Is this too big of tractor for mowing (about 2 arces of lawn) with and too small for rototilling (about 1 acre)? I think the 790 with the mid-mount mower is about $15,000. I don't know how much a PTO driven rototiller is. BTW, I plan on buying 3 more acres across the street and installing a soccer field (180'x330', about 1.5 acres) next year, so I will have a larger area to mow. Or would I be better off purchasing a large garden tractor for mowing, say a JD GX345 with 54" deck (about $8,500) and the rototiller attachment for my Bobcat (about $5,000)?

    I have a Bobcat 773 for loader work, so I don't plan on purchasing the loader attachment. I also have the 60" Brushcat for the Bobcat, so I don't need a rotary cutter for the tractor. Also, my business is currently more geared toward landscaping and land clearing right now. I don't plan on a mowing service other than just the first or second mowings on new lawns, but will do those with a walk behind mower. I might set my son (14 years old now) with a mowing business soon, but would be 2 years before he could drive and tow a trailer to a job with a riding mower.
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    I do like the thought of having a lighter weight piece of equipment (2000# for the 790) than my Bobcat (6200#) for work in delicate areas. Who knows, I may want to add a loader to the tractor in the future for lightweight loader activities in sensitive ground conditions. Currently, my Bobcat leaves pretty good indentations if I have to drive across a lawn.
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    I have a Deere 790 with ag tires on it that are really good. but since you are going to do turf work i agree with you. turf tires do decent with a loader as long as you get 4wd. my JD 855 has a loader and a 72 inch mower that does great. I had turf tires on it at first but i replaced them with ag tires.

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