john deere 910 looking for info


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I'm looking at a john Deere z910a really like it 22hp law 48 deck. Wanted info from some owners out there I pull the gun on it. How does it do in the spring with 22hp on it and is there a rutting problem at all with the weight and narrow tires probably can get it for 4000 it has around 200 hours
I already have a 28hp 757 60". Need something smaller for a few gated lawns


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A guy I use to work with in 2010 bought a new 930A 60" one month before I bought mine, well the 930 would not fit through his backyard gate so he bought a new 910A 48" also the following spring and said he really likes the 910 for mowing his backyard and doing the trim around the house and other tighter areas, then switches over to the 930 for finish mowing.
910 is 3 years old and 930 is 4 years old with zero issues with both and between him, his wife and two sons they mow 18 acres per week on his farm.

As far as your rut question any commercial mower will leave ruts if you mow the same area over and over again with it wet and soft.

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Just be aware that that 22 HP Kawi is actually right around 19 hp under the new rating system which gives true HP and not the over inflated numbers that were used when that engine was built and stickered.

I've talked with a few guys who own the 910 and who say that for flat ground and normal grass, the 910 works pretty well, but in the spring when the growth rush is on, and/or if there are any hills, it will bog down unless you go pretty slow.


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Had a 910 with 54" deck until this year. Had no power problems in weekly mowed yards, if you mow any bi-weekly or you get behind you will have to slow down quite a bit. Like others said it will rut a little if wet or always turning in same spot.


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My 920 has 9.5" on back and has yet made a single rut in the rain or anything I have one friends yard that is worst ever about staying wet after rain, when I mowed it with my Gravely with wide tires was mud rutting bad even days after rain baking in sun. The 920 has performed flawless in all conditions still not 1 thing to find wrong I do not like about it.

Not sure of tire size on 910 sure it is pretty close, but any mower mowing the same pattern will give a yard a rutting why you switch every patterns every few weeks.

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