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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by deerelover, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. deerelover

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    Does anyone have a collection system for the JD 925? If so how do you like it ? I have a JD 687 front mount with a collection system that is about worn out. I have patched it up several times but is about beyond patchable. I love this collection system but JD does not make them any more. I have a 925 about 3 years old and am wanting to use it for leaf collection when the 687 wears completely out. Thanks
  2. Ridin' Green

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    There are several guys here who have a 925 with a rear bagger system.

    Mowerbrad comes to mind. He as mentioned many times that he likes his. He is busy with multiple jobs and schooling etc right now, so he doesn't post as much as he used to.
  3. mowerbrad

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    I've had the 3-bag collection system on my Z925 since I bought it new in this was my 3rd full season using it. I bag most of my properties year-round, so it definitely gets used in all sorts of conditions. So far this system has been my favorite one I have ever used on a ztr, I've had experience with systems from bob-cat, toro, simplicity/ferris, trac-vac and peco-vac. The Deere system fills evenly (which was difficult for my previous systems as they would fill up two bags then fill the third partially before clogging). The Deere system uses an 8" tube going from the impeller on the deck to the hopper, this makes it more difficult to clog the unit. It will still clog if you are using it in "extreme" conditions (long wet grass, heavy amounts of wet leaves, etc). I can switch from bagging to side discharging in a matter of about 60 seconds. I never take the rear hopper off, just the impeller off when I'm not bagging. From the looks of things the hopper should be relatively simple to take on and off if needed, but I have heard that it is heavy.

    I have been extremely satisfied with my Deere bagging system and suggest it to anyone looking for a collection system for their's well worth the price tag!!
  4. weis1

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    I have used the 925 bagger this past year. Overall Im glad I made the purchase. Here are some pro's & con's to the 3 bag collection for the 925.
    Rarely ever clogs in grass. Even when its long or damp I usually cut at normal speed.
    Holds a large volume of debre. Not stopping as often to dump.
    HEAVY. The hopper is to heavy to pick up when not on.
    The bags do not empty easily. The unit blows so hard it packs the grass tight in the bags.
    Hard to know when hopper is full. As soon as it does fill the impeller clogs, then having to take all apart and unclog. This will happen often with leaves. Frustrating.
    Expensive at nearly $3k and can burn a $40 belt in seconds if turning a clogged impeller.
    Hopper is bulky when on. Hard to see around it and I run into things at times because its so long when turning around.
    Messy. The hood opens over your head, dropping grass and dust on you while changing out the bags.

    Aside from fall cleanup its been a productive unit all summer. I bag half my lawns and worked far better than ultra vac. Once I figured out its limits, it worked much better for me.
  5. orangemower

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    Scag has about the best system on the market. I've had the system completely full, tube and all and it would not slow down. The blower impeller has never stopped while in use due to a clog. In my opinion, you should sell the JD and get a Scag but that's just me.
  6. Jimslawncareservice

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    i have burned a few belts on my turf tiger when i had it. tube plugged all the time when full, then had to take it off shake and beat the stuff out. only thing i liked was it was the clamshell si had no dumping.
  7. orangemower

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    Maybe it's just me then. I've never had a belt failure for the blower. As for the clogging. I have the 3 bag kit. I can reach around and touch the right bag since that's the last one to fill up so I know when it needs dumped. Sure I've had the tube clog before but I was over burdening the deck/blower so that's my fault. Normal use it never clogs.

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