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John Deere 925M exp TODAY!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sdk1968, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. sdk1968

    sdk1968 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 94

    well it so happens that my beloved Hustler ATZ is down(but thats gonna be a different thread)...

    so i went to my local Bridgeport Equipment store as they are the ONLY place within 100miles who rent mowers to regular people..

    learned LOTS today as im just a homeowner with a challenging yard not a yard pro like the guys here... thought i'd share some of with everyone.

    1st: this "little" machine has lots of power & while it scared me to death it climbed very very well.

    2nd: holy cow it seems like your flying on it.. my old gal must be slower than we thought.

    3rd: OMG!!!! NEVER EVER have one of these machines without a suspension seat!

    with all that said heres some thoughts/details about my ride on it.

    it felt really TINY sitting on it verses my ATZ. lots shorter in length & a good bit lighter.

    lets get to the scared me to death part: at one point a place i go down on my mower it decided to take off... fortunately i was just creeping when it took off sliding... & even better was that i went right down the hill into the road & no cars were coming... this could have been very ugly very easily... maybe if i had more seat time on this machine it wouldnt have happened.. but it certainly doesnt hold itself back well. LMAO

    it had plenty of power for the 60" deck.. climbed up the steepest parts of my yard with no issue at all. i was very pleasantly surprised at how well it climbed with out bogging down.

    now sideways on banks? eh not so much. being so light feeling, i never felt good about it and didnt get good traction, so went up & down instead everywhere... very good on the UP parts.. down it would slide a good bit.

    motor just sipped fuel with the EFI & was fairly quiet. really impressed here also.

    over all if you have a smooth yard? even with rolling and hills this machine is pretty nice & if your a JD fanatic this would probably 1 up your neighbors pretty easy if your into that as many JD people are.. :)

    but for me with rough spots and some fairly steep banks that you have to side mow? dont think i'd buy one for that.

    thanks for looking and fire away if you got comments.

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