John Deere 997 Cut Problem

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    I am running a couple of the new John Deere 997 Z-track mowers. I am having a problem with its cut quality. The mower mows normal grass fine until you hit large patches of what is called "goosegrass" and "dallisgrass" i'll try and confirm that. We have been debating the use of double blades or meg-mo blades. I was told at the John Deere dealership that they did not think you could run doubles on that mower. I was under the impression that double blades consisted of two highlifts or your preference placed in a T pattern and bolted down as tight as possible? If anyone have used meg-mo blades how do they work in taller grass?

    Revolution Lawn Maintenance Co.

    PS: If anyone knows of any other blades that you recommend please let me know.

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