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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pahoia2, Dec 15, 2001.

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    Hi there,

    I recently asked which John Deere would suit my semi-commercial use best and got some helpful replies. The GT range appealed, but I've been to the nearest dealer to discover that they aren't imported into New Zealand here. As an alternative I've been looking at the LX279 with 48" mower deck. They're only available here with the 17hp Kawasaki liquid cooled engine, which seems to get mixed reviews here. As a lawn tractor it looks like it will do everything I need. They also had a used one for sale. It was the earlier version of the same model but had a different model number. It's done about 400hrs and has the same engine, (17hp Kawi) It's about 1996, and has been privately owned. It looked in good conditon and was a little over half the price of the new one. What should I check out on this?

    Anyone know of any major problems with this range of JD mower? They seem like a reasonably robust machine. Are the mower decks good? It's the 48c deck which can be a mulcher or a side discharge. (I'm not interested in the mulcher). Transaxles OK?

    As always, your comments are appreciated.
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    Gidday Mate,if you want a serious mower find out who your nearest Walker dealer is,they are expensive,but there are 2nd hand ones out there,the Walker will run rings round a mid mount on the lawns here,catching and side throw options available,don't be afraid of mulching saves hauling a lot of grass.At last someone else here who talks rugby and cricket:D
  3. Wow, Jim you been doing some talking to your mates.

    Sorry don't know any thing about that mower.
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    I'd go used.

    My JD dealer told me the older machines were better quality, tha the new. I got a 345 w/48"; 17 liq cooled Kaw., 3 yrs ago. No major problems, but the decks are famous for breaking at the front inner edge, and the front bracket also - but it's easily repaired.

    If you're set on this type of mower, get one with power steering, and hyd. deck lift.

    Mine is a '95 with 500 hrs on it. Some of the older ones wouldn't steer as sharp as the newer ('90s) generation.

    good luck.

    If you were closer, I'd sell you mine...:D
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    I would get a older unit rather then a new one a 210,212,218 316, 318 these were the best as for the 48" deck if its the pld style (yellow) are real easy to tweak if you hit a stump the new green 7 gauge decks are the cats meow. If money is not a real big concern, I would look into a used 525 with a 48" deck they have a 17hp engine/axle combo.

    I have a F~725 with a 48" deck and a 20 hp kawasaki, it has gone thru almost anything including 3ft high field grass.
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    The mower you mentioned is a really good machine for what it is. I have a 335 now and did have a LX277. A ztr is a much better mower for commercial work, but the LX279 is a really nice lawn tractor. I've never had any problems out of my Deere lawn tractors, I really like them, but a good z will do much more work in the same amount of time and gives a little better cut too. Between the 2 you mentioned, I would go with the new one, you never know how much hell the used one has been put through.
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    Nate isn't it "Nothing Runs like a Deere" or did they change it?
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  9. Could you enlighten us on what that means?

    If you have to use e-mail do so.
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    Big Jim is right,forget the JD mid mount and look at a Walker or a
    Toro ztr. I had a Kubota T1760 with a 17hp Kawasaki in it and I
    had nothing but trouble with it.Got rid of it after 200 hours.
    I now have a Walker 26hp EFI with 48" deck and have had a
    great run out of it.

    Yet another Kiwi on Lawnsite? Good to see :D

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