John Deere Decision....727 or 737 54" Deck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TrpD345, May 6, 2006.

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    I am in the market for a Z-Track. I have decided on a JD in either the 727 or the 737. I don't want anything bigger than the 54" deck. Is there that much difference in the trim capabilities between the two and how important is it? The mower will be mostly for personal use, my yard, my parents, and two ot her yards. I have seen the 7-Iron II with the Mulch on Demand and really like it. Will JD make a kit to attach it to the 7 Iron II decks that don't have it? If they will I would go ahead and get the mower and attach the MOD later. Also I have seen the new Dump from the Seat System in a brochure. Will this system fit on a 727 as well as a 737? That would aslo help with my decision. Thanks for the help!
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    Don't get the 54" deck because there is virtually no trim side on it. Get the 60" deck instead. It is offered on the 737 and not much more in price at all. Go to Central Carolina Farm & Mower in GBO and ask for Greg. Tell him Mike from MMLawn sent you. He'll hook you up.
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    Welcome to the Deere club..............youll be happy I am sure!
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    MOD is NOT an attachment its a special deck and only on a 60 right now.

    I HAD a 717 and didnt like it. I have a 757MOD and a 777 I traded the 717 for a 2520 compact.

    Deeres are great the MOD dones NEED to be leaned much more!!.... BUT it helps arroud the beds.

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