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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawns On Deman, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Lawns On Deman

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    I am 17 years old and have been cutting lawns for two years now. I a using a John Deere LTR 180 with no problems so far, how ever I am looking to purchase a ZTR. I am looking at the John Deere mini Z-Trak 717a Mower. I have experience with an Exmark walkbehind however I am not happy with the dealer and their service. One of the main reasons I am looking at John Deere is because the dealer close buy is very helpful and friendly. Does anyone have any experience with this mower or any other John Deere mowers? Also would anyone recommend any of their string trimmers and blowers?
  2. Turf Commando

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    I never used the Z trac. However heard nothing negtive ..
    John Deere is still top of the charts among many lawn services..
  3. georgiagrass

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    John Deere makes very good products, no question. Years ago, I bought a JD lawn tractor for my personal use. I still own it, although I use Exmark and Gravely mowers for the business. I've considered trying out the JD ZTRs, but I'm not happy with the JD dealers around here.
  4. Roger

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    I have a JD 717A, with nearly two seasons in its history. It is my first ZTR (and only one), but have used an Exmark w/b for 10 seasons. I am very pleased with the 717A in all regards. As a piece of equipment, it is very solid and well made, easy to maintain. As a mower, the 7 Iron II deck does an excellent job in all kinds of cutting. If there is one "con," the 19hp Kaw is on the edge with regard to power. I don't consider it a problem. I just need to be aware when working long upward slopes. I don't intend to buy a spindle-driven blower, so that power requirement isn't an issue for me. When I started using the JD on properties where I had previously used my Exmark Viking w/b, customers noticed an improvement in the quality of result. Don't expect stripes -- it does not lay stripes well, but the customers could care less about stripes.

    Do a search through threads in the past year or two. You will find comments sprinkled throughout regarding the JD Z-trak mowers, and the 717A specifically.
  5. supercuts

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    ive said it a few times on here, dealer support is more important then brand choice to me. most all of the big manufacturors will be close with quality. some may be a bit bigger, easier to work on, cut a hair better, but they are all close. if your dealer is good and will help in a pinch, your much better off with the Deere.
  6. robbo521

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    i have a JD 717A.this is my first full year with it and love it.i have the mulch kit and this time of year its great.the mower does what i want it to and then some.cuts wet grass great and high weeds ok,have to go over it twice but its weeds.i have a great dealer and thats the biggest thing in my book.i will be getting something bigger this year to go with it because i have picked up 3 big jobs.the 19hp is ok but wish it was a little bigger but still love holds hills fine if you dont try to fly!Exmark is the only other big dealer around here i would give a try to,and they are both 15 min away so thats nice.have a cub dealer less than 5 min from me and he would not even give me and dad the time of day so went with JD.
  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I had a 717 and it was one of the best mowers I ever used. The 737 I have now has been great so far. If you have a good dealer you should be fine. Our dealer recently had the 717A for 5900.
  8. POPO4995

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    The only dealer that is in town and real close to me is Deere. Thats all I own and use. I can take a mower up and drop it off and it will be ready the same day or the next morning. You can see the equipment I have in my sig and I love it all. The MOD will be going in the spring but its still a good machine just isnt working for me. My dealer doesnt recommend the Deere handheld equip. Ive never owned or used any of it, but I use Stihl just because they recommend it. I would not hesitate to use any of it because of the name...John Deere stands for quality and definetaly has a reputation if they have been around for 165+ years...:usflag:
  9. BentleyOutdoors

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    100% true... Like stated before make sure you have a great Dealer in your area, one who lends mowers when you need maintenance or any repairs, and you will have nothing to worry about. Never cut with the 717 but with the 757 and it is a really nice machine. Good luck with your decision, you cant go wrong with GREEN.
  10. Lugnut

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    I asked the same question on here about the handhelds and the majority of responses told me to stay away from it. The engines are made by other companies, and I believe Deere keeps changing who they're getting the engines from, so parts were an issue. I don't have any experiences with them myself tho, as I never bought any of the Deere handhelds I looked at. I got all Stihl instead and am very happy with them.

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