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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by djwats, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. djwats

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    Anyone familiar with the John Deere F525? I'm looking at used mowers. I saw some F series machines with front mount mower on E-bay. The F525 has a unitized engine/pump(?) w/Kawasaki engine. I like the idea that the deck is offset which would help when mowing around bushes and smaller trees. We have a good JD dealer in our area but he doesn't have much in used equipment. Any experience with the F525, F710, or F725? I don't know what is different about the F710 but they have similar engine/deck size as 525, dual rear wheels and higher resale value(?). Any comments would be appreciated.
  2. chopper2

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    I have one of these and i like it alot, but there are a few drawbacks the drawbacks are as follows 1. this machine sucks for mowing ditchbanks 2. the single rear wheel makes loading difficult unless you have a ramp gate. on the plus side of things i really like the maneuverabality ie mowing around trees. also this machine is very user friendly hope this helps i know i will take some greif for having and liking one of these but for my operation it is an awesome tool i wouldnt be without it
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    We have a 1994 F725, 1850 hours. Yes the offset deck is great for mowing over the edges of garden beds etc. The deck lift is handy for walking over curbs. The rear stear takes a little getting used to. When I first got to JD I demo'd the 525. At that time we had a project with a major ditch. The 525 failed it miserably. The dealer came back the next day with the 725. In the last few years its taken a back seat the the bigger faster 655 and 997, but with its refitted knobby ties there isn't too many places it can't go. It won't tip easily but you may slide out of the seat. It can also carry more attachments. Snow thrower aerator dethatcher baby boomsprayer. the dual rear wheels are much more stable
  4. procut

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    How much is a F525 going for? I noticed there is one on the list for an auction in my area next week.
  5. chopper2

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    in my area( central wisconsin) they are going between $2000 and $4000 for just the machine and 48'' deck depending on condition of course i gave quite a bit less for mine with the deck,snowthrower, wheel weights-tire chains,and extra misc. parts but it was from my uncle who bought it new and used it about 10 times and pushed it in a shed cause he didnt like it. hope this helps
  6. procut

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    Thanks for the info!

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