John Deere F687 or 757??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by POPO4995, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. POPO4995

    POPO4995 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I am going to purchase a new mower but dont know if I want a F687 or 757. Both would be 60" 7IRON II decks. The out front deck design is really appealing to me but I dont know if the speed would make a difference or not, since they are a little slower than the midmounts. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. pcguy

    pcguy LawnSite Member
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    What are you cutting property wise? If you have a lot of wide open area, the midmount is the way to go. But if there are a lot of turns, curves, tree, and other obstacles, the front deck will come in handy and cut down on the trimming.
  3. i_plant_art

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    go with the 757 its a bad a$$ machine and will hoss through anything u run over with it.. i drove one for over year when working for soemone b4 i got out on my own .. this was a few years ago and i know they have made them better since then ..... if thats the only mowers your choosing between then go 757 otherwise get an Exmark
  4. rodneyskip

    rodneyskip LawnSite Member
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    Easier resale.
    Easier trailering (less space) and storing.
  5. MJB

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    Rodneyskip Did you try the 777 before you bought the 757 ?
    I am still trying to decide between the Exmark Ultracut deck or the new Mulch on Demand 777. Have you compared it with an Exmark?
  6. deereman

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    never ran the F687 but I love our 757, and so does the helpers. But I dont think that you would go wrong with either!
  7. rodneyskip

    rodneyskip LawnSite Member
    from KY
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    I have not tried the 777 personally, but have talked with folks who run them. They all seem happy with them.

    I have a 757 MOD I did have a 757 7-iron II for about 2 months and traded for the MOD. If you do a search you can see what I posted about the difference between the two decks.
    Basically on my larger accounts, I wish I had the 7-iron II, but for all my accounts less than 2 acres I am glad that I have the MOD. The MOD saves on clean-up time, is great in High traffic areas, and around flowerbeds, ponds, parkinglots, etc... The 7-iron II can cut faster and disperses better, but because of the great dispersal can really make a mess around beds, ponds, etc...

    As far as EXmark vs JD I have not tried. But if you do a search on here under 757 I think you will find some who run both and wish that they were both 757's. But I know of no one that has had real mower time on an exmark and a MOD deck.

    For a solo operator a MOD deck is better because of less clean-up - but it will cause you to double cut more due to stragglers.
  8. POPO4995

    POPO4995 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I only buy Deere so Exmark is outta the question but I have alot of residential accounts but I also have condo associations and wide open areas.....decisions, decisions:rolleyes:

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