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John Deere F687

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Does anyone have any experience with this model mower. I was considering this model as opposed to the 757. The mower is centered on the 757 which makes trimming work a bit more challenging. I love how the mower is offset to the left on my F525 as this makes trimming a snap. With the mower in front, it is real easy to get up under trees, etc. The mower also flips up for cleaning as does the power train deck. I am not too keen on the aircooled Kohler engine but they are simpler to maintain. The Kawisaki 17 hp in my F525 is aircooled and has been a real good engine (monster torque) Would appreciate any comments, opinions, feedback, and suggestions. Thanks.
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Is this for Homeowner use or are you a commercial cutter?

That unit is an ODD Duck, thats for sure.

They really don't give any pics of it other than the little one on the web page.

I do know that the F-525 IS NOT a commercial mower. The F-687 would be a step UP towards a commercial unit from yours, but still I'd consider the 700 series mid mounts rather than this. Up front trimmability is still possible on the mid mounts, you'd be surprised how far in you can go under a tree. Sure you may get a little sap on your knees, but the maneuverability is FAR better than any frontmount machine.

If you NEED a front mount and it must be a JD, go with the 1400 series (pretty spendy though) , or the F-735 .
It would be for both my home lawn (which is a commercial job....about 4 acres) and commercial yard cutting. I am doing this with my F525 currently but if business can justify, would consider moving up to a larger commercial unit and keep the F525 as a back up. The 4410 is just way to big for this and does not do the lawn any favors as far as tracks and damage. The 797 I think would be too big.
Have you considered an F725? Kawasaki gas engine, plenty of power, operates like your F525 with a steering wheel and hydro foot pedals. Priced very similar to the F687. F735 is a diesel (if that's what you want) and 1400 series are quite a bit bigger and better suited for a 72" deck.
I thought about the 735 but not sure how smooth a 2 cylinder diesel would run. I haven't ruled that model out yet. I really liked the ability to rotate the mower deck and power train deck 90 degrees for maintenance and cleaning. The F687 would be perfect if an option was the 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel. I would prefer to go diesel if possible.
I have a F687 and love it just traded in a F680 on it which I used for 2 years both mowers have had the dual tail wheels. I also had F525 for one summer and traded it in on a Cub Cadet Tank midmount I liked the way the Cub Cadet cut but I like the front deck design better. If you like the F525 you should like the F687, the F525 I had was helpless on hills and ditches I can mow all the same places now and not slip a wheel

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Hornet, definitely agree with you on the hills part with the F525. Gotta know which side to hang your butt cheeks off to get good traction. :D Why did you go from the F687 to the F680? Was the 60" front deck to much? I was debating whether to go with a smaller deck. How did you find trimming with the offset deck? How did you find the horsepower and torque? Enough for the job? If you don't mind my asking; how much did you have to pay? Over all, how would you rate the F687 & F680? Thanks!
hornet, I also meant to ask you how well the 90 degree mower and power train deck flip up feature worked. Can you get to everything for maintenance easier? Was the mower easier to keep clean with this feature?
Cheif, I had a 680 for 2 years and traded it in and got the 687, went from a 54" to a 60". I have alot of low hanging pine trees and the offset deck works well getting under branches. The 680 had a 20 HP the 687 has a 23 HP about the only time I noticed the extra 3 HP is climbing a hill, 687 does'nt pull down as bad. I have never had the deck plug up even in tall wet grass, flipping the deck up makes changing blades a snap. Deck stays very clean and I did get the high lift blades they work alot better than the standard blades, as far as price the 687 retails about $9500 but you can get one for around $8200. If you want the smaller deck 54" or 48" I would look for a 680 the dealer said deere was offering rebates on the 680.
I know you are talking about the 680 and 687, etc. , but you mentioned the 757 in the first post as an option, so here's my take on it. I bought my JD757 (60" w/ Kawi 25, v-twin) last year and love it! It gives a great cut, Kawi is very stong and very smooth running, and the unit flies. Which ever mower you choose, you can't go wrong with Deere!
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