john deere f910

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    john deere f910


    If this is in the wrong place, sorry, im new here....

    I have a john deere f910. It recently started dying randomly. I Just went out mowed a few acres, and it died. I'm getting spark and air. The filter shows NO sign of fuel , but there is fuel in the tank. I have a switch that is a shut-off and fuel and reserve fuel tank switch. there is two lines comming from the tank that go to this switch and off that switch it goes to a little module that feeds to the filter. The filter is BONE dry. What makes the fuel "suck up" from the tank?

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    Engine is a Ohnan, 20hp..... There is a small box looking thing on the side of the engine which the fuel hoses go to. There doesnt appear to be any electrical wires going to it....... just has a in and a out........ someone mentioned a pulse type fuel pump at work
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    A pulse type fuel pump uses 3 hoses. One from the tank to the pump. One from the pump to the carb. And one from the pump to the engine crankcase. It uses the vacuum/pressure pulse to to run the pump. Now on Onan engines you may not see the third hose from the pump to the crankcase because it is hidden behind the pump going though the engine cover. Makes removing and installing the engine cover REAL fun.
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    Hmmmm, this "module" or fuel pump, is attached to the motor, and currently i only see two hoses, inlet/outlet.... This third hole, must come from the back of the unit.... I did a quick search on google and saw one of these units, which would place the third "pulse" one kinda inside the engine? or a hose going through it in the back..... Are these expensive or difficult to replace?
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    Take that fuel filter off and see if there is any restriction by blowing on it with your mouth. If so change it out. Just another thing to check.

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