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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mrmower, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. mrmower

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    i just picked up a property that has a big ditch on it and was wanting to switch the front left caster from the straight one and put the bent one on it. im pretty sure i read about people doing that on here. ive tried searching it with no success. if someone could point me in the right direction or get me a part number i sure would appreciate it. and im wanting to do this on a john deere z925. thanks alot fellas
  2. williams lcm

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    I don't think you can do that. You don't want to alter the machine from the factory settings. They have it tested to handle the best just the way it is setup. I mow ditches with my Z950 no problem. Just might have to mow it a different direction.
  3. weeze

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    why? i mow ditches all the time with the straight one on there. very steep ditches too. anyways my guess would be you buy a right bent one and turn it upside down and put it on the left side.
  4. mrmower

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    i just have troubles when i mow with the left side down. it makes the other side light. i just dont want it to look chopy over a larger area
  5. Ridin' Green

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    I posted about doing this last fall to my Z720. I never got around to it, but it can be done, and I may do it eventually to my Z950, though I haven't found a good enough reason to just yet since it seems just fine on hills. There are places and times when not having as much weight transfer to the left front caster arm would be helpful. If someone doesn't think that happens, it's easy to demonstrate. Just back onto a nice flat, smooth, level piece of concrete so that your caster arms are turned around backwards, then lock the parking brake, get off, and try to turn each caster wheel around into their normal running position. The right one is always easy, but the left one always requires much greater effort to turn because it is carrying more weight.

    You can't just buy a right one and turn it upside down. All the mounting holes need to be correctly positioned, and that sure won't work.

    Go to you dealer (sorry, but I no longer have the part #), and tell them that you want to buy the left front caster arm for a Z970. They come with 72" decks only, and they are the ones that come stock with the bent left arm. It should come with everything inside it and all set up as one unit- bearings, seals, top cap etc. the only thing you need to do is swap over your caster wheel, and use the original bolts that hold your stock caster arm on. IIRC, it runs about $250 or so. May be worth it for your needs, may not. You have to make that call.
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  6. weeze

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    well i didn't look at them i was just guessing. i thought the holes were the same either way. :laugh:

    anyways if it's that big of a deal just mow with the right bent castor on the downhill side.
  7. mrmower

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    thanks riding green. i called about them yesterday my dealer says 280 + tax. i think i'll mow it once and see how it looks before i spend that kinda money. jason to me i dont like how it looks if you mow it all the same direction and by the time i get to the bottom i think ill be pushing alotta grass by then. but this is a new account for me this year so we'll see how it goes. thanks alot for the input guys.
  8. Jimslawncareservice

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    I saw that done at my dealer. I had my 1445 getting some stuff on it. Asked him what the deal was. He said the guy changed it last year for hill sides and thinking it would take weight off that side. It did worse I guess. It also didn't cut the same. Something to do with the way the blade turns and where the wheel tracks. So this guy paid for the parts, and labor. Well twice, because he didn't save the original caster.
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