John Deere Gator


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Have any of you used or own a John Deere Gator? If so 4 or 6 wheels? I'm thinking of getting one for work and play. Please give your feedback.


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Knoxville, TN
I have used one on a farm in FLA. Mostly for loading quail feeders and racing around. They are very useful for hauling small loads and they can scoot if ya want to use it as a &quot;go-cart alternative.&quot; <p>The 6 wheeled model with the locking diff. is the one I would vote for.


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northeast ,ohio
I rented one this week for hauling bed edgings and mulch....gotta say I will be in the market for one next year

very user friendly payload is great and they really leave no marks on a wet lawn

The one i used only had a 10 horse motor seemed small but it did the job....curious if they have a bigger gas model

it was a four wheel model, 2 wheel drive and did have a diff lock but never needed it


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Flint, Michigan
My sister in law's dad, - or is that My brother's father in law,...oh well, anyway, he has one for his nursery and Greenhouses, and he likes it real well. I've even seen on out on Warwick Hills golf course! Was it a work crew? No! It was doubling as a golf cart!:) We have a local dealer around here that donated one to his son's school district's athletic department for the football and other athletic programs. Now, THERE'S a good plug at the home games!


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Memphis, TN
we used to have one where i worked for golf course type stuff and security patrols. was very hard to tear this thing up ( i took care of it, some of the kids there didn't). not sure what HP it was, 4 wheels, 2 wheel drive. it was one of the first gators from back around '93 or '94. had a dump bed on it too.


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Hobart, Indiana
Cushman. Oh my god thoes things are the biggest life saver. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.


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I worked part time for a JD dealer that had all variations of both the regular and "trail" gator. They are great. You'll like it. Ask me whatever you wanna know and i'll answer it. The 4x2 gasser model has a 10hp Kohler and the 6x4 gasser has a 14 or 16hp Kohler. Not sure about the deisels, but they are all great to run! Very powerful, they have an automatic tranny that when you let off the gas completely it will stop, give it alittle and she goes, give it more, it goes more! Not just extra speed from the engine but also a variator pulley with belt drive. Brakes work good. The diff lock is nice too, but remember that the 6 wheeler has a 2' or so bigger turn radius than the 4 wheeler. No shocks in rear, just in front, but the frame does not wiggle at all. At least not empty. They will do 18mph at top speed. Very nice. slow website for most normal PC's, but be patient.