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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by macguy59, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. macguy59

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    When attaching the blower boot (leaf collection system) to the 48C deck, that side of the deck really hangs much lower than the opposite side now. This may have been a gradual change and just didn't notice until yesterday. When the deck raise arm is pulled back into it's locked position the deck is up and level. But when released to lower the deck to cutting height I get the aforementioned pronounced sag on that side. Any ideas what might be causing this ? I'm considering making up deck chains to try and prevent the blower boot side from sagging too much. (The sag is a good 4" lower than the opposite side of the deck) Thanks all
  2. larkin

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    First I would check my tire pressure. Next, check your deck and see if it is level. Then set your cutting height and put your gauge wheels 1/2 inch from the ground. Do all of this with the boot off. You can have your gauge wheels lower on the boot side to help with the extra weight. I have a Cyclone Rake on a gt235 [48c] and gx255[54c]. Good Luck!
  3. macguy59

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    Thanks for the reply. I ended up putting a deck chain on the chute side of the deck to compensate.
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    That is normal. It is caused by the weight of the blower fan, and the chute going into the hopper causing friction/pressure against the blower housing outlet to the chute. My Deere manuals have all recommended lowering the right gauge wheels one setting when the blower is mounted.

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