John Deere Horror Story

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Four Season's, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Sorry for making it so long, you guys have to read this!

    6 weeks ago my JD LX 188 with a 17 HP liquid cooled Kawasaki wasn't running right. I brought it to the JD dealer to be fixed. They said both head gaskets needed to be changed and gave me an estimate of $350. I say ok but to just fix that and nothing else.

    I go pick up the tractor and have a bill of $580. Plus, the mechanic tells me that he drained the transmission fluid out and noticed filings in it but then he had to move the tractor so he put the old fluid back in the machine. He also changed a cooling fan on the transmission.

    When I start mowing with the machine, the fan falls off right away. I bring back to dealer and ask for different mechanic. The other mechanic takes the fan off and sees that the main drive pulley on transmission is all loose and needs to be changed. The original mechanic says that he told me about this loose pulley and I told him not to change it. (A Lie) I get charged an additional $80 for this. After that, I noticed the tractor was slow in foward. I take the new pulley off and find a broken roll pin on a valve on the transmission. Both JD mechanics missed this one.

    A few weeks go by, and the machine starts drinking antifreeze and blowing white smoke. I bring back to dealer and they say its the head gasket and they'll fix under warranty. Then they call and say one of the heads has a crack so they'll change that for free. Then they call back and say after new gaskets and head, the engine is still leaking and has a cracked block! They admit that the block was cracked when they did the original work and they missed it! So now they're telling me I have to pay a bill for $700 for the new head & gaskets, which were never the problem in the first place. I have to pay the bill and still have a machine with a cracked block. A block costs $1400 plus other parts that need to be changed and labor.... so well over $2000. The dealer says they will do nothing for me. So what are my rights here seeing as all the work they did was a waste?
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    Did u sign anything when u dropped the unit off or is there maybe a work order that states that u wanted just the gaskets fixed and nothing else. At the dealer I was working at when we got a work order we fixed what was on there and nothing else to avoid these mishaps.
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    Gather all the information in as clear as order as you can. Give this to your states attorney general office. This has worked for me. Give it a try.
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    I would contact John Deere directly on this matter. That is just wrong. You are getting nothing for you money other then a damaged unit. Don't give up and keep calling and emailing everyone.

    Best of luck to you,
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    Sounds like a DEALER problem. I have had nothing but great results from both my JD dealer and JD itself. They both stood behind their products. I would definitely contact JD directly and see where that gets you. Good luck!!

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