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    Looking for a little help finding out if this is the right hydraulic oil that should go in my John Deere QuikTraks. According to the manual "JD Plus 50 0W-40 Synthetic Blend" oil is recommended. However there is no part number to go by to make sure it's an exact match. My JD dealer is as far from a JD dealer as one can be and still sell JD commercial equipment (mainly Exmark). Anyway the place was somewhat stumped when I asked for this oil. They gave me this and thought it was the recommended oil. Is this the correct oil (see pic) part #TY24349 ? Doesn't mention anywhere on the bottle about going in hydraulic systems and is labeled "Supreme Motor Oil" I know it's based more on the viscosity so it may be the right one. I just wanted to double check.

    Hydraulic oil 002.jpg
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    I bought my Z-trak (717A) the early part of 2006 season. Last Winter was the first off-season task of annual maintenance tasks. I started compiling a list of things to do, what materials needed, and so on, and discovered the manual was inconsistent. I think that is what you are finding. The specifications are inconsistent with the branding (e.g. Plus-50). I think the manual called for 10W-40, and that is not the JD product as labeled.

    After much consultation with others, I opted to use Amsoil 10W-40 synthetic as hydro fluid. It worked fine for the 2007 season, and have just replaced a few days ago for the annual maintenance.

    See this thread where I discussed my annual maintenance tasks.

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