John Deere - JS40 push mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1mowlawn, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I picked up the JS20 last week and currently have only three hours on this year's new JD push mower. Small improvements make it a better unit than the five JS 63's which I used over the last 10 years. I continue to buy more push mowers each season as my customers with postage stamp sized yards offer to buy my walk behind and try to cut the grass for themselves. The new JS models don't have a primer bulb or a choke and so far have always started on the first pull in all conditions, 40 degrees cold right off the truck and up to 70 degrees ambient temp with several stops to open gates and restarting. Much improved over last year' hard starting B&S engines. A different drive unit includes a belt idler adjusting device on the drive mechanism and only time will tell if they actually R&D'd this before production. I don't care for the caster wheels as I find it easier to make a straight line with the traditional fixed wheel setup.
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    Just called my JD dealer back this morning and we discussed the JD pushmowers , he recommended the JS20 , he did not think the caster wheels on the JS40 were worth the extra $100 and also he likes this model over the JX models which are more commercial type push mowers and are twice the cost of the JS20, He said they have sold several JS20's and 30's over the last couple weeks. I will pick it up later today $389 - :usflag:
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    Intek engines are not commercial, dont expect many hours from them.
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    I just bought the js-40 and thought that it looked sturdy up on the shelf but when i got it home and assembled it I was verry unhappy with it.Infact im taking it back as soon as I eat dinner .The biggest turnoff was the deck feels flimsy like it may crack or break the welds quickly. I will probably get a toro personal pace or a honda.

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