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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sethsodsquad, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. sethsodsquad

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    I purchased a John Deere Js63 about 3 years ago, and it has been working pretty well for the 6 lawns that I do every week except for when I start the mower. I was wondering what would cause a "banging/knocking" sound during startup.

    The 6.5 hp B&S Intek seems like it labors too much and shakes from side to side only when it starts up. Once the engine is running, there is no knocking sound or excessive shaking - which eliminated the idea of a bent crankshaft or unbalanced blade.

    The engine also produces some blue smoke while starting, but I assume this is normal. The knocking sound really concerns me though.

    I took off the drive system belt about two weeks ago because the traction cable broke, and the engine still had the knocking sound.

    I would like an answer as to why this is happening - and if it is repairable or just better to wait till the mower dies and buy a new mower. (I'm thinking of getting a Toro 21" Proline or the new Ariens commercial mower w/BBC).

    Thanks in advance,
  2. sethsodsquad

    sethsodsquad LawnSite Member
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    Cmon people help me out here.
  3. turfmaster90

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    I bought the same mower a couple of years ago and it started doing the same thing.

    Talked to my mechanic and he said the air filter was stopped up. Replaced the air filter and she ran like a new mower again.

    He said this mower has to pull a lot of air into the carb.
  4. Albemarle Lawn

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    I have a deere push mower bought new in 1998, runs typically 8 yards per week, no problems, no smoke, etc.

    Yes it cost more, first the dealer wanted to sell me a B&S for a great price, but I said no thanks and bit the bullet on the $950 JX85, no regrets.

  5. sethsodsquad

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    turfmaster90 - I just replaced the air filter about a month ago, just cleaned it yesterday, and even overhauled the carb. 3 months ago (for a different reason). That didn't help.

    KB - I don't believe that JD sells the JX85 model anymore to US residents. They only sell the JX75, which I have heard is not too good at mulching. (I need mulching for most of my lawns).

    Another thing is - the zone start system cable is really loose - sometimes the mower has problems starting because the zone start system is not engaged all the way. I tried looking to see if there was any way to tighten it, but no way, not with safety mechanisms - I guess I'll have to buy the $8.50 part from JD.

    Thanks for your help guys . . . possibly any more suggestions?


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